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Updated 8 February 2024

Presented by Word of Warning + Contact in Works Ahead 2023

Colour is much like music — every hue a note on scale, every tone a pitch that carries… Complimentary and juxtaposed — they yet prevail…
Pitch, Hue, Tone by Christian Asare

Combining visual art, poetry, and Afro-contemporary choreography — DUAL explores the fluid multiplicity of Black identity through an interdisciplinary diasporic lens. Rooted in the philosophical concepts of existentialism, we are invited to journey through the raw and complex emotions that define us as individuals.

Bringing together the past & the present, the cultural & the new, in a search for belonging and to maintain cultural tradition while adapting to new contexts.

A thought-provoking and evocative celebration of the richness of our identities, offering renewed appreciation for the complexity of what it means to be human.


Christian, a Black British interdisciplinary artist with Ghanaian ancestry and heritage, resides in the vibrant city of Manchester. With a background in choreography and contemporary dance, his specialisation in Afro-contemporary performance adds a unique flair to his work.

Moreover, Christian is an independent fine artist who creates oil paintings with a particular emphasis on elevating Afrocentric imagery, portraiture, abstraction, and Afrofuturism. His work aims to evoke emotion and showcase the beauty of Black culture through his use of vibrant colours and rich textures.

Christian’s multifaceted artistic expressions allow him to captivate audiences through various mediums, and offer an immersive experience that stimulates the senses.

He has collaborated with various organisations, including Black Gold Arts, Contact, Factory International (MIF), and HOME.


Pay What You Decide: £15/£10/£5/£0
Book: Thursday/Friday via Contact or call 0161 274 0600

Times: Thursday 18 + Friday 19 May 2023, 7.30pm
Duration: event lasts up to 2 hours including interval/s.
NB Christian presents alongside Jade Williams & Kellie Colbert in Works Ahead 2023, with all three works shown in the same order each night.
Location: Contact, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6JA


Age Advisory: 16+ (parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, please click here.
Features: three contemporary performance works with varied content.
Queries: please call Contact on 0161 274 0600 or email


Works Ahead is a project developed out of the old Method Lab & SeedFund schemes which hÅb ran with greenroom until 2011. Since 2012 it has offered over thirty-five small, supported, work-in-development commissions for artists selected from the previous year’s Emergency platform and/or other events. Support includes mentoring and a public showing of the next stage of the work, in partnership with Contact… Christian is presented alongside two other artists.


“Global Gaze”, Audio/Video Editor, Videographer: Jonathan Mayorga Montilla
Music: Colouour by Moses Sumney, African Gold by Jamilah Barry (includes excerpt of Martin Luther King Jr. 1967), The Rhythm Part One by Trüby Trio, Conceptions by 4hero
Painting by Christian Asare · Poetry by Christian Asare
Special thanks to Peader Kirk, Keisha Thompson, Tania Camara, Tamsin Drury for development support. DUAL seedfunded by Divergency.

Works Ahead 2023 commissioned by hÅb + Contact; produced by hÅb.
Project Mentor: Peader Kirk · Thanks to Keisha Thompson & Tania Camara.


Facebook ChristianAsare2016 · Insta xtianasare · @XtianAsare · #WorksAhead

NB Contact’s website changed on 9 May & links to their site have been updated.

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