New northern dance.

Updated 24 Jan 2022

Currently on hiatus, Turn is our annual platform for North West† dancers + dance-makers. Formerly held in Manchester each spring, the last edition in 2017 had a new format with a dozen short pieces of new work shown to the public on a Friday night, followed by a Saturday of professional development…

Our ninth Turn took place at Contact on Friday 28 April 2017, with a dozen new northern dance-works — to get a feel for it see the image gallery, or delve further with 2016’s gallery + programme and 2015’s gallery + programme.

Turn is:
• currently on hiatus; we hope to return in 2023;
• a public micro-festival + open submission platform;
• an opportunity for artists to meet, show + peer-review work;
• an artist networking event;
• open to North West England† dancers + dance-makers, aged 18+ ;
• (2017 was also a selection platform for a series of bursaries for MDC’s Choreolab);
• Enquiries: turn@habmcr.org | turnmcr.org | #TurnMcr

North West England consists of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire + Merseyside; it does not include Yorkshire or Derbyshire.

Turn 2017 presented/co-produced by Word of Warning/hÅb, Contact, Dance Manchester + Manchester Dance Consortium.