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Updated 22 April 2024

Presented by The Lowry + Word of Warning as a WTF

HIGH STEAKS is a show about labia, labia-shaming, cosmetic surgery, and fundamentally, body lovin’.

Award-winning, queer performer, ELOINA, hangs two beef steaks from her labia, butchers them up, and sizzles them on a grill.

And…her mum is in the show.


Pay What You Decide: £20/£15/£10/£5/£0
Book: online or call The Lowry on 0343 208 6000

Time: Saturday 27 April 2024, 8pm (no interval, ends about 9.10pm)

Location: The Lowry (Aldridge Studio), Pier 8, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ


Age Advisory: 18+ (parent/guardian/carer discretion).
Content Warnings: full frontal nudity, strong language, handling and cooking of raw meat, discussion of genital surgery, discussion of self-harm, depictions of real mother-daughter relationships.
Features: physical movement, recorded music and voices, spoken text/dialogue, potential audience interaction — please read the show’s access document.
Queries: please contact The Lowry, 0161 876 2183 or access@thelowry.com


Seamlessly melding performance art and comedy clowning, HIGH STEAKS discusses rising demands in young people for labiaplasty — plastic surgery to make the labia smaller/more symmetrical.

Through live conversations with her mum and recorded interviews with labia-owners, HIGH STEAKS is a call for increased visibility of varied vulvas and a celebration of our vulvas in all their shapes and sizes.

A riotous rebellion against labia-shaming and cosmetic labia surgery, HIGH STEAKS won a Summerhall 2023 Award, is an Offies 2024 Finalist, a Guardian 2023 top 5 theatre show, and a Creative Tourist top theatre pick.

Download the digital programme or see the free sheet.


ELOINA makes work that dismantles taboos around the female body. She mixes epic, body-based performance art and quick, comedy clowning. This makes her work accessibly impactful at both extremes & the in-betweens of the art world.

Since graduating from the innovative Drama degree at Queen Mary University of London in 2018, her solo practice has spread across London — opening conversations about menstruation, body hair, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, female masturbation & ejaculation, motherhood, and breastfeeding.

Read her interview with Arifa Akbar in The Guardian.


★★★★★ — Fringe Biscuit, The Scotsman, Theatre Weekly
Bold. Brave. Captivating. — Audience Response
Liberating. Eye-opening. Important. — Audience Response
★★★★★ If you like your body positivity served up with herbs on a hot plate and your natural bits to be discussed without any reticence, this is the show for you.LouReviews
★★★★★ If performance art freaks you out this is a crossover hit, which should delight and challenge in equal measure.To Do List


Birthed, Created, Performed, Produced by ELOINA
Directed by Louise Orwin
Star of the show: Mama (Annie Haines)
Developed with PARL (Performance Art Research, Ljubljana), Queen Mary University of London, Jackson’s Lane, Camden People’s Theatre
Outside Eye: Frankie Thompson
Sound Design by Sammy Metcalfe, Louise Orwin, Tom Foskett-Barnes
Sound Design Consultancy by Liv Lynch
​Technical Stage Management by Roshan Conn
Safeguarding Management by Joe Iredale
Set Design by ELOINA & Joe Iredale
Lighting Design by Lily Woodford-Lewis
Producers: ELOINA, Beth Sitek, Millie Wood-Downie
Image by PARL/Matjaž Rušt

With loving thanks to: MAMA, Joe Iredale, The Sisterhood, Andy’s Dad’s Accordion, Queen Mary University of London.
With super special thanks to: Paula, Posey, Rosa, Porscha, Alice, Casey, Justine, Alex, Dani, and those who will remain anonymous for sharing your beautiful stories with this show.


eloina.art/high-steaks · Insta @eloinaaart · X @eloinaaart

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