Emergency 23

Afternoon Programme, Noon-4pm

Updated 8 February 2024

Presented by Word of Warning + Contact in the first half of Emergency 23
— an Afternoon of installations, interventions, and limited capacity works

Afternoon Artists

Saturday 30 September 2023, Noon-4pm.
Chris Brown · E.M. Parry · GOWD · Hot Storm Productions · ITZATNA · Kelvin Atmadibrata · Lauren Greer · Louise Ward Morris · Luisa Amorim · Porcelain Delaney · Theresa Bradbury · Victoria Bone
Participating artists subject to change; Sweætshops® unable to perform.

Afternoon Programme Notes

Age Advisory: 16+ (aimed at adults, parent/guardian/carer discretion).
Content Warnings: some Afternoon works may disturb, please click here.
NB with Afternoon artists located in multiple spaces, and some Afternoon works having a short duration and/or limited capacity on a first-come first-served basis, you may not get a chance to see everything.

Chris Brown · you cannot choose the things that bind you

A durational performance that explores the relationship between care and masculinity, inspired by Butoh dance. Uses audience participation.

Chris Brown & Jordan Skelly have collaborated for many years. Their collaborations have explored how dance and poetry intertwine. At the centre of their work has always been a discussion of masculinity. This most recent work explores the theme with a new context of care, inspired by changes in their lives.

chrisbtheatre.com · Insta crispybrownpi · @ChristopherActB

E.M. Parry · Pricklings

Pricklings stages the artist’s body as trans saint, queer icon, fetish object, witch’s poppet, a luck charm, a ritual, a process, a test, a game. The piece investigates trans embodiment and bodily autonomy, and pokes at the edges between self/other, flesh/costume, performer/spectator, artefact/event: remixing and repurposing religious, historical, artistic, medical, and magical iconography to create intimate spectacles and new rituals of becoming.

E.M. Parry is a trans*-disciplinary artist, designer, and performance-maker, working across scenography, drag, live & visual art, specialising in work which centres queer bodies and narratives. Flitting between genres and platforms, their work has been staged in the West End, international opera stages, pubs, clubs, cabarets, ships, lecture halls, and leaky basements. They work with, through, and for the queer body, squinting at history, flirting with ghosts and the things that go bump in the margins.

emparry.com · Insta e_m_parry · @e_m_parry

GOWD · fleaBalls

A real no-hander!

Performers: Riley Hamshaw-Mills & Benji Paget. Special thanks to Jane.

GOWD is an art collective of theatre-makers that strive to create new and experimental/post-dramatic works of visual art spanning from performance art to contemporary theatre. Formed by three recent alumni of Kingston University, it is freely open for anyone to get involved. Its goal is to be a warm and supportive environment for any experimental artist to grow and evolve.

Insta rambunccc · Insta beboptheatre

Hot Storm Productions · Cold reading booth

What are the implications of attaching meaning to seemingly insignificant events?
Are we naturally inclined to accept interpretations without concrete evidence?
And if we do so here, where else might we be doing the same?

An immersive introduction to the world of cold readings, delving into the realms of chance, mystery, and human perception.

Created & developed with help from the Liam Byrne Award; additional contributions by Dr Ian Angus Wilkie & Dr Jo Scott at the University of Salford.

Tom Short (Hot Storm Productions) is a trained clown and improviser who creates work that challenges the boundaries of genre and is inquisitive about human perception and authenticity. Chortle Student Comedian of the Year in 2019, and runner up at Edinburgh Fringe, his latest work The Stand-up Horror Show debuted at the Fringe in 2023 to 4★ reviews.

Fb HotStormProductions · Insta hotstormproductions · @HotStormEnt


A Live Art ritual inspired by post-colonial journeys of Latin American migrants swimming across the US-Mexico border of the Rio Grande.

ITZATNA Arts is a Midlands-based emerging artist collective, creating cross-cultural collaborations between artists and diaspora communities in Mexico, Latin America, UK. Founded by father-son artist duo Alfredo Hau (visual artist, writer, professional chef) & Sebas Hau (live artist & creative producer), ITZATNA cultivates radical, decolonial, cross-disciplinary approaches to creating cutting-edge projects that combine visual, community, culinary, and Live Art to create unique experiences for all ages.

itzatna.org · Fb itzatna.arts · Insta itzatna.arts · @itzatna_arts

Kelvin Atmadibrata · His Fishies Friends Are Sticking Around

Easy to see why he received the anglers’ apotheosis.

Kelvin Atmadibrata recruits superpowers awakened by puberty and adolescent fantasy, personifying power and strength into fanfiction antiheroes to contest the masculine meta and erotica. He works primarily with performance, often accompanied by and translated into drawings, mixed media collages, and objects compiled as installations. Approached as bricolages, Kelvin translates narratives and recreates personifications based on role-playing video game theories and pop mythologies.

kelvinatmadibrata.com · Fb kelvin.atmadibrata · Insta kelvinatmadibrata

Lauren Greer · PART I: Don’t Take It To The Grave

This place is alive. It’s here, it’s part of us, and we are part of it.
Our healing begins now, we just have to let go.

A durational performance where the audience is integral to the creation of a communal, digital tapestry displaying our deepest, darkest secrets.
By embracing anonymity and vulnerability the audience are liberated as their secrets are unfiltered and unbound by judgement.
Stay for a moment. Stay for an hour. Stay for as long as you need.

Lauren Greer is a Northern Irish, working-class artist currently residing in Manchester. She is a theatre-maker, writer, collaborator, and creative learning practitioner; with a deep belief in the transformative power of the arts in being an educational tool, promoting wellbeing, connecting humans, and upskilling young people. Whilst her performance work often evolves from a P/political stimulus, she is currently exploring the convergence of her identity with ritual and taboo.

msha.ke/laurengreerperformanceartist · Insta _i_am_lauren_g_ · @_i_am_lauren_g_

Louise Ward Morris · You and I

Technology is our established method for perceiving the world. In turn, our technology becomes ourselves and our world. You and I investigates the alternative forms of perception and embodiment that can evolve from a modification of this relationship using VR & YouTube. This Live Art piece creates the experience of real life through the glitchy nuances of the internet.

Generously funded by CuratorSpace & ClassRoom Gallery.

Louise Ward Morris is an award-winning sculptor working with new media and videos. Her work questions the ever-intensifying connection between people, technology, and the environment.

wardmorris.com · Insta l.ward.morris

Luisa Amorim · Idleness (durational)

Although gender roles are constantly being challenged, some old traditions still persist in our society. In the domestic environment, women are still expected to put their careers on hold to raise children. Working women often put more extra hours on household or childcare than working men. Women keep doing the majority of the invisible work and Idleness is about that. It is also about the difficulty to express it. It is a quest for alternative forms of communication, such as body movement and sounds other than the articulated word.
A sensorial journey through a woman’s baby blues and her everyday life.

A show by Luisa Amorim with Jadelin Gangbo, Simon Engerer, Zoe Czavda Redo.

Luisa Amorim is a Portuguese performance-maker based in London. She is interested in experimenting how to dramatise the quotidian, bringing her everyday life and her own dirty linen onstage.
Jadelin Gangbo is a novelist, published in Italy and Poland and about to have his first novel written in English published.
Simon Engerer is a handyman and expert in a bit of everything; back in Berlin, he was working as a music engineer.
Zoe Czavda Redo is a Greek performer and participant observer based in London.

Insta lousapage

Porcelain Delaney · Parade of The Disregarded

An urgent and timely story in three acts; a contemporary movement-performance inspired by ballet The parade as a personal response to how disabled people were treated during the pandemic.
In the first act the character is happy, joyful, and free, dancing outside of the box; in the second she is trapped in the box and battles confusion, rage, and hopelessness; act three is celebratory and eerie as she is finally free to leave.

Oroginally created for the anniversary of the DaDa Movement as part of WAIWAV with Dash Arts, Tate Plus Gallery, The Golden Thread Gallery Belfast.

Porcelain Delaney is a disabled multi-disciplinary artist & theatre-maker, passionate about sharing representative stories. A DaDa Fest Fellow, Graeae & Soho Writer Lab Alumna, and DANC Ambassador, she works across genres including: theatre, literature, circus, cabaret, dance. Her cabaret acts have headlined internationally from Paris to Dubai.

Fb PorcelainDancer · Insta porcelaindelaneyy · @PorcelainDel

Theresa Bradbury · A Mirror Folded Back on Itself

Unfired porcelain vulvas depict the female body as fragmented; the performance explores ideas regarding expectations and boundaries. A denial of patriarchal femininity, the work is to be crushed and destroyed upon her body. The disruption of femininity as prescribed through a patriarchal lens. The work invites the audience to engage with, and reflect upon, an evolving disruption. To investigate the idea of obliteration as a liberating and potentially progressive act, and to interrogate social, political, and cultural codes.

Theresa Bradbury has exhibited and performed widely, most recently at New Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Nottingham Contemporary, G39, NN Contemporary, Ovalhouse, The Yard Theatre, Anise Gallery, Primary. Her practice encompasses Live Art, photography, film, sculpture, and has a specialist focus on feminist theory.

axisweb.org/p/theresabradbury · Insta @theresabradbury_

Victoria Bone · Attempts in Self Healing

Is it possible to heal ourselves? Attempts in Self Healing is in pursuit!

Victoria Bone is an interdisciplinary artist with Live Art at the centre of her practice. Playing with paradoxical themes of strength and vulnerability, risk and trust. Her work is created from physically exploring and responding to materials that embody these themes. Sometimes creating items to move in, often on the edge of wearability. The items are influenced by ceremonial costume and ritual, and the movement comes from simple domestic and historical actions like washing, walking, feeding, dragging.

victoriabone.com · Insta victoria_bone_artist

Sweætshops® unable to perform taking care of business due to train strikes.

swextshops.io · Insta swextshops

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