Domestic (March 2021)

New work, live from home.

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Presented by Word of Warning

What can you make when your kitchen table is the stage + your camera is the audience? An assembly of artists; a collage of commentary on where we find ourselves now…


Eleanor May Blackburn · Pelican Theatre · Tom Cassani · TomYumSim · Vân Bùi · hosted by Peader Kirk

Domestic is an informal online platform for artists to beta test new work, live from their homes — get a feel for it by watching previous event livestreams on YouTube.


Time: Wednesday 10 March 2021, 8pm to approximately 9.15pm.
Location: livestreamed online via Zoom webinar.
Ticketing: book a free space on eventbrite to receive livestream details.
Donations are welcome via PayPal.
Age Advisory: 18+ (mainly aimed at adults; parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, for specific warnings please click here.
Please note: if you require live captioning we suggest you try using Otter on a second device (download on the App Store or get it on Google Play);
  to improve your listening experience we suggest using headphones/external speakers;
  for specific access queries please get in touch by emailing


In 2013/15/17 we presented Domestic works in tower blocks in transition — little did we know then, that in 2020 our homes would become our only stages and only auditoria…

And so we began a series of “Domestic at homes”, with artists trying out new works about what was on their minds — using whatever resources they had to hand.

Join us on 10 March for our fifth set of “artists at home” — selected from our rolling open call for proposals. Real lives, real stories, real homes.


Eleanor May Blackburn · Wired
 “Wow, I’m having the best time. I’m having the best time. I AM having the best time.
 Eleanor explores the ins and outs of a night out, and how mental health is often an unwanted passenger along for the ride.

Pelican Theatre · A/Liveness
 A glimpse into the private frustrations & fantasies of performers who’ve lost their audiences…
 What happens to us when nobody’s watching? Are we still Live? Are we still Alive?
 Created + performed by Pagan Hunt + Ellie Trow
 Music: Seeing Abi by Stephen McKeon

Tom Cassani · With My Hands
 Tom is interested in thinking with his hands.
 Tom has spent fifteen years with a deck of cards in his palms (or at least nearby).
 His performance explores this long-standing relationship through both procedural and contemplative text and action.

TomYumSim · Hotline LIVE
 Has lockdown got you down?
 Are you finding your domestic decisions difficult and droll?
 Call Hotline LIVE and speak to Tommy or Simmy about your domestic dilemmas — put some magic in your mundane and wash away your household woes. (Alternatively, watch calls unfold as Hotline pops up on the Domestic live stream.)
 Hotline is proudly queer, DIY in aesthetic, and improvised in nature.
 Created + performed by Tom Halls + Simone French

Vân Bùi · Favourite Colours
 Music: Sac Mau performed by Tran Thu Ha + composed by Tran Tien
 Special thank you to Resource Productions (@ResourceProds) for providing equipment.

Hosted by Peader Kirk.

Domestic (March 2021) produced by hÅb.

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