Domestic (Jan 2021)

New work, live from home.

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Presented by Word of Warning

What can you make when your kitchen table is the stage + your camera is the audience? An assembly of artists; a collage of commentary on where we find ourselves now…
Now that it’s over, re-watch the (edited) livestream on YouTube below.


Alice Connolly · Avital Raz · Loïs Soleil · Lydia Cottrell · Miray Sidhom · Mitzee · Voidance Company · hosted by Peader Kirk

Domestic is an informal online platform for artists to beta test new work, live from their homes — get a feel for it by watching previous event livestreams on YouTube.


Time: Wednesday 13 January 2021, 8pm to approximately 9.15pm.
Location: livestreamed online via Zoom webinar.
Ticketing: book a free space on eventbrite to receive livestream details.
Donations are welcome via PayPal.
Age Advisory: 18+ (mainly aimed at adults; parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, for specific warnings please click here.
Please note: if you require live captioning, we suggest you try using Otter on a second device (download on the App Store or get it on Google Play);
  to improve your listening experience we suggest using headphones/external speakers;
  for specific access queries please get in touch by emailing


In 2013/15/17 we presented Domestic works in tower blocks in transition — little did we know then, that in 2020 our homes would become our only stages and only auditoria…

And so we began a series of “Domestic at homes”, with artists trying out new works about what was on their minds — using whatever resources they had to hand.

Join us on 13 January for our fourth set of “artists at home” — selected from our rolling open call for proposals. Real lives, real stories, real homes.

Domestic (Jan 2021) is one of Manchester Wire’s Free things to do this week.


Alice Connolly · Hugs in My Pockets
 Locked-down in her house, where hugs no longer exist in the way they used to, Alice creates a new kind of hug for herself and the loved ones of all those watching.

Avital Raz · A Woman’s Voice Is Her Nakedness
 ‘A Woman’s Voice is her Nakedness’, some Rabbi said in the 10th century — and that caused millions of women to shut up. Avital explores the effect of male teachings about women on women, and endeavours through distortion to find a woman’s voice.

Loïs Soleil · In between the lines you are a poem
 A choir of selves recites a love poem in this interactive self-portrait by artist and poet Loïs Soleil. Here, language is not just a tool to express ourselves with, but a medium in and of itself.

Lydia Cottrell · DOOMSDAY BOOKS
 Our future hangs in the balance sheets, it’s accrual world and we can depreciate it together. Standing at the ledger the earth, let’s get fiscal as we liquidate our assets. Account me out and calc-u-later. A performance that accounts for the end of the world, based on the Rapture Index and Religious Eschatology.

 A journey through a landscape of sourdough hills and flour rain.
 A hand leads the way from the forests of Oxfordshire to the streets of Cairo… Weaving memories of a childhood in Egypt and frank conversations with her mother, Miray questions bread’s cultural symbolism in religion and revolution.
 Commissioned by Contact · Music: Inshad by Soliman Gamil

Mitzee · The ARTIST
 A comment on Transformation, posing questions around the Queer body and ideas around beauty.
 “I see myself as an Artist. My body as the canvas and my life experiences as the paint.
 Witness, for the first time, the transformation of a Male to Mitzee — getting ready for a performance that is never going to happen.
 Performed by Mark Powell · Sound scape by Murray Jamieson, featuring vocal samples from Lady Gaga (Paparazzi, Fame) & David Bowie (Fame)

Voidance Company · Underneath the frying pan…
 Slowly but surely the rage builds up, coconut rum or baileys, knife or fork, saucepan or plate… Confused, demented, wandering round and round, finding NO answers by NOT sitting down OR STANDING UP……waiting for Ken.
 Performed by Julia Griffin · Music: In C - Extension (Simple Mix David Lang Remix) by Bill Ryan & Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble

Hosted by Peader Kirk.

Domestic (Jan 2021) produced by hÅb.

Websites · #DomesticMcr
Insta: alice_connolly1 · @alice_connolly1
Avital Raz · Facebook: avitalrazmusic · @avitalraz
Loïs Soleil · Insta: loissoleil
Lydia Cottrell · Insta: borkkvlt · @LydiaBorkkvlt
Miray Sidhom
Mitzee · Facebook: mitzeemorninwood · @mitzeemw
Voidance Company · @griffindance
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