New work, live from home.

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Presented by Word of Warning

What can you make when your kitchen table is the stage + your camera is the audience? Six artists, six commentaries on where we find ourselves: a beta test platform for new work.
Now that it’s over, re-watch the (edited) livestream on YouTube below.


Afreena Islam · Alex Bradley · Cheryl Martin · Emma Geraghty · Levantes Dance Theatre · Nathan Birkinshaw · hosted by Peader Kirk


Time: Wednesday 1 July 2020, 8.30pm.
Location: livestreamed online.
Tickets: book a free space on Eventbrite to receive livestream details.
  Donations are welcome via PayPal.
  Please book 1 space per device being used.
Age Advisory: 18+ (mainly aimed at adults; parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, for specific warnings please click here.
Duration: approximately 1 hour.
Includes: live spoken + sung English, movement, recorded audio + video.
  Please note that we aim to test automated live captioning at this event.
  To improve your listening experience we suggest using headphones/external speakers.
For specific access queries please get in touch by emailing


In 2013/15/17 we presented Domestic works in tower blocks in transition — little did we know then, that in 2020 our homes would become our only stages and only auditoria…

For the first in this new series of Domestic “at homes”, we invited six artists to try out new works about what’s on their minds — using whatever resources they have to hand…

A chat on a hill above the city;
The highs and lows of romance in lockdown;
A DNA test, a dead bird, and a misjudged identity;
Wash your hands and business as usual;
When I think of home;
The space between us will not be televised.

Real lives, real stories, real homes.

Domestic (July 20) is previewed by and one of Manchester Wire’s Free things to do this week.


Afreena Islam · A Word From Your Prime Minister
  Wash your hands and business as usual.

Nathan Birkinshaw · A Kestrel for a Nath
  “I think I’ve made a documentary about the history of who we are, where we fit — you think it’s any good?”
  A history of who we might be, and where we might fit.

Emma Geraghty · A view from the temple
  “There’s a pretty big hill near my house with a good view of the city.  Come and sit on a bench with me, and let’s have a chat.”

Cheryl Martin · When I Think Of Home
  “I will sing and talk. As ever. But I’ll probably ask you all a question and try to get you to answer in the chat — if you’re brave enough.”

Alex Bradley · The space between us will not be televised
  An action in support of those fighting for their lives in whatever context.

Levantes Dance Theatre · Lockdown Canapé
  A quirky act about the highs + lows of romance during lockdown…

Hosted by Peader Kirk · includes Dawn Chorus

Domestic (July 2020) produced by hÅb.
Image: Levantes Dance Theatre by Roswitha Chesher.

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