New work, live from home.

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Presented by Word of Warning

What can you make when your kitchen table, bathroom, or garden tent is the stage + your camera is the audience? Seven artists, seven commentaries on where we find ourselves now…
Now that it’s over, re-watch the (edited) livestream on YouTube below.


Andrew Neil Hayes · Daniel & Clara · Dominique Savitri Baron-Bonarjee · Kellie Colbert · melissandre varin · Niya B · Sebastian H-W · hosted by Peader Kirk

An informal online platform for artists to beta test new work, live from their homes — to get a feel for it, see July’s livestream. To participate in a future Domestic, see here.


Time: Wednesday 12 August 2020, 8pm.
Duration: approximately 1 hour.
Location: livestreamed online via Zoom webinar.
Ticketing: book a free space to receive livestream details.
Donations are welcome via PayPal.
Age Advisory: 18+ (mainly aimed at adults; parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, for specific warnings please click here.
Please note:
  we aim to test automated live captioning at this event;
  to improve your listening experience we suggest using headphones/external speakers;
  for specific access queries please get in touch by emailing


In 2013/15/17 we presented Domestic works in tower blocks in transition — little did we know then, that in 2020 our homes would become our only stages and only auditoria…

For our pilot “Domestic at home”, we invited six artists to try out new works about what was on their minds — using whatever resources they had to hand.

Join us on 12 August for our second set of “artists at home” — seven works selected from our rolling open call for proposals. Real lives, real stories, real homes.

Domestic (Aug 2020) is one of Manchester Wire’s Free things to do this week.


Dominique Savitri Baron-Bonarjee · Hula dancing at the sink
“Plants are watching every move I make with their sensuous eyes — why don’t I move for them, with them? Why not make every movement a way to hula dance my way through the day, to make my chores ASMR for nonhumans.”

Kellie Colbert · Social Butterfly
 An exploration of the increase of social anxiety one may feel as life returns to some normality. Follow Kellie through the life created inside her mind that will support her journey back to society.
 Filmed by Billy Morris.

melissandre varin · Eating the (m)other
 An invitation to think, through queer use of (dis)placed / (dis)posable food and Black kinky hair as healing materials.

Niya B · Hollow Spaces — not shown in YouTube documentation at the artist’s request
“Through a ritual of light and breath I turn inwards.”
“I reassess the process of a changing body within an expanded temporal context.”
“Surrounded by mineral formations and magnetic attractions I discover fleeting moments of rest.”
“Healing is allowed. Existence is hollow.”
 Sound by Body Fool.

Andrew Neil Hayes · English Psycho
 An intimate portrait of one man’s absurd morning routine, which tries to encapsulate all the horror of being English.

Daniel & Clara · We Had Planned To Go Camping…
 From a tent in their back garden, Daniel & Clara take an imagined journey to Cornwall — a trip that was planned but never took place due to the pandemic.

Sebastian H-W · SIRENX (bath-time with a mer-thing)
 An intimate audience from a domestic bathtub with SIRENX — a ‘mer-thing’; a genderqueer man-made-merman-maid — learn a little decolonial history about gender, queerness, mythical monsters, self-care, limitations, and transformations.

Hosted by Peader Kirk.

Domestic (Aug 2020) produced by hÅb.

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