Autumn/Winter 2020

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We take a tentative step forward in these shifting times with a trio of attempted events… Botanic’s Sunday stroll through an urban garden on 27 Sep; Domestic’s informal evening of new work from home on 7 Oct; Emergency’s journey for the curious is indefinitely postponed due to new restrictions; further information and season updates to follow…

Visit our YouTube channel to watch live streams of recent events — August’s Domestic, July’s Domestic, White Sun by Will Dickie, and OREO: variations by Tania Camara.

Keep abreast of interesting things to watch and find information for artists via our News page — you can keep in touch with us by signing-up for our Weekly Warning e-mail.

Discover what happened last season in our Summer 2020 archive and please share your thoughts with us if you’ve been to one of our events or watched a live stream.


Simply put, Word of Warning is a one-stop shop for the bonkers, the beautiful, and the bizarre of new live performance — an attempt to keep alive the best of greenroom’s 25-year legacy, and to also introduce new people to the possibilities of seeing live work in Manchester + beyond… including online.

If you haven’t attended one of these performance evenings yet, WTF are you doing? Go and see the stimulating new work that’s out there!
 — Number 9 Reviews on WTF Wednesdays (November 2019)

We take live work very seriously — but we don’t take ourselves seriously at all.
Over the past 8½ years we’ve shown funny, thought-provoking, and beautiful work by the likes of Ron Athey, Amy Bell, Harry Clayton-Wright, Chanje Kunda, Stacy Makishi, Darren Pritchard, Proto-type Theater, and Proud & Loud Arts (amongst others).


We don’t want to put you off by talking art form labels — yes, there’ll be theatre, live art, performance, dance, etc. — as our aim is to be anything but elitist or po-faced.
So, if you like comedy, music, gaming, or want a friendly, stimulating evening: there’ll be something you might want to take a chance on… Here’s what other people say:

Astonishing. Like nothing else. Transformative, immersive, moving.
Always special, bringing the unexpected and intriguing, thank you.
Fabulous for seeing things different from the mainstream machine.
 — Audience feedback


Word of Warning is a project by Manchester-based hÅb — you may not have heard of us but you might know some of our events, like Emergency, Haphazard or Hazard.

hÅb produces, develops, and advocates for contemporary performance, live art, and sited work in the North of England, and is a core partner in Divergency — encouraging diversity in live art. We are supported using public funding by Arts Council England, a Greater Manchester Artist Hub partner, and a Live Art UK member.

Refreshing company that brings diverse shows to our door steps.
WoW are great, supporting emerging work and bringing it to new audiences.
Wonderful, daring performances that I have never been disappointed by.
 — Audience feedback

Tamsin Drury, hÅb’s Director, has been around a while — a really long while — she’s been responsible for making the Arndale Tower flash, wrapping Cathedral Gardens in 7km of hazard tape, and firing a glitter-cannon to the Hallelujah chorus! On the less eccentric side, over the years hÅb has worked with hundreds of NW artists to help them create new work. Please send programming enquiries to her via

John Franklin-Johnston, hÅb’s Programme Manager, is a freelance producer + events manager and was greenroom’s long time programme co-ordinator.

Peader Kirk, artist + mentor, supports Domestic, Works Ahead + other hÅb projects.

Tricia Coleman, freelance producer, supports hÅb’s artist development + production.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support of a team of freelancers + volunteers that includes Andrew Crofts, Catherine Shaw, Jaheda Choudhury, Jake Lewis, Kamini Patel, Megan McPhee, Sam Stockdale, Scarlett Spicer, Stacey Potter + Steve Bryan.

Thanks also to our Advisory Board: Helen Palmer, Charles Rowley, Cathy Butterworth, Joseph Lau, plus Garfield Allen for Divergency.

AW20 is brought to you by hÅb + Contact, in conjunction with Divergency, Gaskell Garden Project + Hulme Community Garden Centre.


Please click here to read specific content (trigger) warnings for AW20 events.
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Performance Programme Autumn/Winter 2020

Sun 27 Sep, 12-4pm. Free | Hulme Com. Garden Centre
Wed 7 Oct, 8pm. Donations welcome | Online
Ongoing | Online
Indefinitely postponed | Contact
Emergency 2020