Content Warnings

Updated 28 Sep 2022, 2pm

Age Advisories/Limits & Content Warnings for upcoming events are available below, including elements that may distress, cause upset, or trigger.
 Please click here for past events including archived livestreams on our YouTube channel.

If issues raised affect you, these organisations may be of support:  CALM 0800 585858 · Harmless · Mind 0300 123 3393 · No Panic 0300 772 9844 · Samaritans call 116 123 or email · SupportLine 01708 765 200 · The Survivors Trust 08088 010 818

1 Oct | Emergency 22 at Contact

Age Advisory: 16+ (parental/guardian discretion).
Content Warnings: some works may disturb, specifics follow.
Daytime, Noon-5pm
 Noon-1.30pm Julie Burrow — body horror.
 Noon-1.40pm Ursula Troche — none.
 Noon-2pm Hazel Lam — none.
 Noon-2pm Tania Camara — a conversation about race.
 Noon-3pm kane stonestreet — imagery may evoke feelings of drowning.
 Noon-5pm Clodagh Chapman & James Varney — likely allusions to death; when contributing please be sensitive with label and include warning if needed.
 Noon-5pm Malandra Jacks Creative — personal conversations about relationships and dementia; partial nudity.
 Noon-5pm Maya Chowdhry — participatory one-to-one with optional alcohol offered, challenge 25 in operation.
 Noon-5pm Nicky Murmann — participatory one-to-one with optional food offered which may contain allergens, please check ingredient list before accepting.
 Noon-5pm Sweætshops® — participatory one-to-one including filming and photography of audience members. In the light of recent national events, certain imagery may be upsetting/disturbing.
 2.30pm-3pm Charlotte McShane — mild violence, sexual aggression.
 3pm-3.20pm Ran — none.
 3pm-5pm leon clowes — references to rape, incest, paedophilia.
 3pm-5pm Nathan Walker — none.
Evening, 5pm-10pm
 5pm DNA Studio — none.
 5.30pm Jian Yi — none.
 6pm Kerensa Diball — adult themes, mentions of reproduction, politics, Roe v. Wade.
 6.30pm Christian Asare — none.
 7pm Bold Mellon Collective — sudden loud noises.
 8pm Emergency Chorus — none.
 8.30pm Josh Coates & Alicia Jane Turner — loud sounds, earplugs available.
 9pm Kellie Colbert — self-harm, emotional abuse, eating disorders.
 9.30pm Bitterroot — violence and flashing/strobing lights.