Biennial interventions in Manchester City Centre.

Updated 24 Jan 2022

Hazard is our biennial micro-festival of incidental intervention + sited performance, blurring the boundaries between art and activism…

Our seventh Hazard popped up in central Manchester on 4 August 2018, with shadowy figures moving silently through the city streets, playing, questioning, exploring visibility + vulnerability… See images from the day.

Since 2007 over 100 artists have taken to the streets of Manchester including: Action Hero, Alex Bradley, Instant Dissidence, Jordan Mackenzie, Juliann O’Malley, Katherina Radeva, Kris Canavan, Michael Pinchbeck, Nicola Hunter, Richard DeDomenici, Sexcentenary, Shahram Entekhabi, the vacuum cleaner — so far we’ve wrapped Cathedral Gardens in fluttering hazard tape, hosted the world’s slowest fairground ride, moved the goalposts (literally) and witnessed breastfeeding in a shop window — oh, and conducted a hoola-hoopathon; The Larks have had the public riddling, racing and chasing as urban archaeologists and private investigators, injecting mass gaming into St Ann’s Square and beyond.

For a glimpse of previous outbreaks of hazardous behaviour see 2016’s image gallery + programme; delve further with 2014’s image gallery + programme; go even further back with 2012’s gallery + programme.

Hazard 2018: Shadow Girl — the city streets by Chrissy Jones presented by Word of Warning + Proud & Loud Arts; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Enquiries: hazard@habmcr.org | hazardmcr.org | #HazardMcr