Haphazard 2019

Programme Notes

A free day out for the curious of all ages, presented by Word of Warning + Z-arts.

Venue + Booking Details

Date: Saturday 27 April 2019, 12noon-3pm
Venue: Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA
Tickets: FREE — no booking required, turn up at any time, come and go as you please.
Tel: 0161 232 6089 (Z-arts)

Artists + Activity (subject to change)

Chrissy Jones | Shadow Girl
There once was a girl who was afraid of people. Every hurtful word they said chipped away a little bit more of her light… until Shadow Girl was born! An impish super hero, righting wrongs and making the world a little bit safer for everyone to be visible. A playful exploration of visibility and vulnerability and a stand against disability hate crime. Chrissy is a member of Proud & Loud Arts.
Performers: Chrissy Carol Jones + Darryl Duncan. Produced by Proud & Loud Arts.
www.proudandloudarts.com | Proud & Loud Arts on Facebook | @proudandloudart

Emily Demetriou + Hector Dyer | The Heat Beneath My Straw Feet
They’ve been standing in the fields for longer than anyone can remember, so what have scarecrows seen and what do they know is coming? The air tastes of chemicals, the trees are sick and there are no birds to scare away. If the scarecrows came to life, what message would they leave?

Fun Science Bury/Rochdale | Cloud building
Makeshift cloud-building machines cobbled together from water bottles, bungee ropes, dogfood dispensers, leaf blowers and hairdryers – come help our intrepid scientists fill the Z-arts atrium with giant clouds of bubbles. Build your very own mini device to take home with you. And look out – it might just start snowing bubbles…
Facilitators: Jacqueline Boylan + Aine O’Grady.
www.fun-science.org.uk | Fun Science Bury/Rochdale on Facebook | @FunSciWestLancs

Joe Stevens | FLIGHT CLUB
A high-flying, high-scoring game of paper planes. Three hundred planes and two teams – do you know the first rule of Flight Club?
wineworld82.wordpress.com | @winegames82

Julie Burrow | An Evening With Rosy Maple
Rosy Maple, the hardest working moth in Tinseltown, spills the beans on her glittering showbiz career. This sassy, bug-eyed starlet of yesteryear regales lucky audiences with half-remembered tales and semi-settled grudges. There’ll be a half-eaten costume, a six-legged dance, and rapturous applause (by any means necessary).

Lady Helena Vortex + Mx Lucille Power | Balloon-a-rama (Give us your Breath)
Do you like balloons? Ever wondered what to do with all of the carbon-dioxide you breathe out every day? Lady Helena Vortex and Mx Lucille Power can help. You see, their costumes are made from balloons. But they can’t do it all on their own, and they need your help to blow up these balloons – can you give them your breath?
Join them to breathe out, let off steam, and help them transform their costumes into a kaleidoscopic vision of gifted carbon dioxide. You’ll leave feeling lighter, maybe a bit sillier (balloons can do that), and you might even get a balloon to take home with you…
Lady Helena Vortex and Mx Lucille Power create dynamic, humorous, theatrical live art works that question value systems and hierarchies.
Lady Helena Vortex on Facebook

Monsur Mansoor | NOTHING 2 NOBODY
Bollywood sound-score meets swirling silks and a unique hoover dance – this is a dance ritual to banish despair through pleasure.

Natalie Wardle | Body Image
Popping away body insecurities one pop at a time… a playful deflation of false body image and so-called ideals; and a plea to love the body you are in.
A Manchester-based visual artist/photographer, Natalie’s work looks at how women are constantly consuming beauty products and trying to fit in with the ‘ideal’ perfect body.
www.nataliewardle.com | Natalie Wardle on Facebook | @nashywardle

Nicola Smith | Unknown Statue (workshop & performance)
Unknown Statue needs you to play a game of musical statues. Come along, move, and sign along to the beat. This workshop & performance is Makaton-signed, all welcome.
Nicola was awarded the a-n Artist Bursary to support integrating Makaton language into her performance work. Photography by Dave Barton.
nsartist.myportfolio.com | @nsartist34

Powder Keg | Today we truant, today we strike
On Friday 15 February 2019, students from schools across England took part in a school strike to protest the government’s lack of action on climate change. This proactive demand for government accountability was dismissed as ‘truanting’. Today we truant, today we strike is a response to that reaction: a celebration of what we stand for, and a dress rehearsal protest for future generations. Pop into to make a sign/placard and then join us at 2.45pm as we march through Z-arts. Demand the future.
Facilitators: Jake Walton, Josh Coates + Ross McCaffrey
Powder Keg on Facebook | @PowderKeg_

What’s your fantasy animal? A flying chimp with butterfly wings? Or a cow with the head of a peacock? Satyr, faun, or chimera? Be creaturistic, explore your imagination and be an artist for the day. Let your mind run wild and make your own original fantasy creature to hang on our magical creature tree… or just come and say hello to our two funny, fantasy animals!
Facilitators: Adriana Buonfantino + Catherine Jack.
www.yeapasso.com | YEAP Association on Facebook | @yeapasso


Haphazard 2019 is produced by hÅb + Z-arts. | Image: Catherine Jack for YEAP Association


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Sat 27 Apr, 12noon-3pm. FREE | Z-arts
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