Emergency 2019

EVENING: 5pm-10pm

The second half of Emergency 2019 is presented by Word of Warning with STUN + Z-arts

Participating Artists (subject to change)

EVENING: 5pm-10pm at STUN Studio + Z-arts
Join us for a series of short sit-down shows with:
Adam John Roberts | Anna West + Louise Cross | Callum Berridge | Helen Sulis Bowie | Jazmine Webb | Katy Dye + Craig Manson | Lara Buffard + Gur Arie Piepskovitz | Rebekka Platt | Ross McCaffrey | Shahireh Sharif | Tania Camara | The Strange Names Collective | Vendetta Vain
Preceded by DAYTIME: 12noon-4.30pm at NIAMOS

Venues + Booking Details, for EVENING

Date: Saturday 21 September 2019, 5pm-10pm (last show ends about 10.30pm)
Venues: STUN Studio + Z-arts, 335 Stretford Rd, Hulme, M15 5ZA
Tickets: NO booking required, Pay What You Decide in person on the day.
Entry: individual shows in the EVENING usually have a no-latecomer policy. Some works have a limited capacity with either sign-up sheets on the day or operating first-come, first-served.
Enquiries: 07488 308 111 (on the day) / 0161 232 6086 (during weekday office hours)

Access Information, for EVENING

Age Advisory: mainly aimed at adults, parental/guardian discretion is advised; some works are not suitable for under 18s.
Warning: some works may disturb; for specific content warnings please click here.
Access: uses a number of different spaces and formats — some seated, some standing, some spoken word, some visual, some limited capacity, some participatory. The EVENING programme has full step-free access.
Specific age + access info: please get in touch with us by emailing info@habmcr.org or call 0161 232 6086 during weekday office hours.

Programme Notes, for EVENING

Download a schedule here.

Adam John Roberts | Outcast
A gender-fluid LGBTQIA+ solo dance work taken from Adam’s life as a gay man with autism. One feels that homosexuals who also identify as autistic feel socially unaccepted within the LGBTQIA+ community — not because of their sexual orientation, but their invisible disability. Developed with support from Ludus Dance through the ‘Occupied’ Associate Artist Scheme.
Adam is a Halton-based independent dance artist + has studied dance at both BA + MA level. He has participated in projects with 12 Degrees North Dance Company + English National Ballet whilst choreographing/performing autobiographical solo dance works for regional platforms like Turn.

Anna West + Louise Cross | Goodbye Goldfish, It’s Been Fun
The damage has been done. All that’s left is to look back in loving memory, at a time when the oceans were filled with colour + life.
Part eulogy, part party, part public service announcement.
Join us to honour our big blue.

Anna + Louise first worked together within Theatre 42, who brought Nothing is Coming, the Pixels are Huge to Emergency 2016. Since then they’ve worked independently, enjoying residencies with The Dukes, Lancaster Arts, Theatr Clwyd + PACT Zollverein.

Callum Berridge | you will not survive this + neither will i
There are 322 feature films in existence depicting the end of the world. Among them is The Day After Tomorrow. How do we think about climate change? Do we imagine we are all in it together, that it affects everyone in the world at the same rate? How do we think about the end of the world?
A working class theatre-maker from Worksop, Callum likes to make work that is politically engaged, often combining multiple voices + found documents with stories that explore themes of class, language, memory, identity, community + contemporary ideas around “Northernness”.

Helen Sulis Bowie | Smashing It!
An interactive comedy game show for anyone who has had enough of the capitalist patriarchal structures that oppress us all. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Play along to defeat the system + emerge victorious. Expect games, jingles, barely contained rage… and prizes!
A London-based writer, performer + podcaster, Helen creates interactive work with sociological + political themes, interwoven with jokes, sequins + unpalatable overshares.
See age advisory + content warning here.

Jazmine Webb | Mxlk Yourself!
She’s bored of sucking on the teat of another, so she’s milking herself. It’s not the first time, but will she get it right this time round? Mxlk Yourself! is a commitment to self-love, whilst desperately attempting to please you. Without you she’d just be a silly cow running around in circles in Ikea.
Featuring original music by Jack Sibley.

Katy Dye + Craig Manson | The Memoirs of a Fag Hag
The Fag + his Hag adore each other. The Fag + Hag walk hand in hand into the sunset. Fag turns to Hag + says ‘I love you Hag’, and Hag turns to Fag + says ‘yassss Qweeen’. The Fag loves the Hag. The Hag loves the Fag. Fag love Hag. Hag love Fag. Fag Hag.
An exploration of Fag Hag power dynamics. Developed with The Yard Theatre + Harlow Playhouse; supported by The Dewar Arts Award.
Katy is a performance artist who creates work that often explores difficult aspects of human nature. Her previous performances include Baby Face, an exploration of the infantilisation of women (★★★★ The Guardian + The Scotsman).
Craig is a Glasgow-based artist who makes performance for theatres, cabaret + clubs. He creates cheeky, playful work grounded in a queer context + has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland, the CCA + Buzzcut.

Lara Buffard + Gur Arie Piepskovitz | Confessional on The Dance Floor (Madonna’s true vassals)
Do you know the feeling when you enter a room, you are lost in a sea of people? Until someone truly hears what was waiting to burst. Welcome to our roaming confessional booth; a glittery umbrella or YOUR own little kingdom where you can be yourself. Share your secrets, embrace them + let them go.
Lara + Gur have been collaborating since 2015. They are interested in connecting history to current affairs, unraveling the threads attached to different ideas + concepts, oscillating between theatre + performance art. They have performed together in London, Edinburgh, Coventry, Hanover, Berlin + Zürich.
See age advisory + content warning here.
www.larabuffard.com | www.gurariepiepskovitz.com

Rebekka Platt | Do you want fries with that?
Do you want fries with that?
Succulent, locally-sourced, dressed in a sweet tomato glaze. (£8.90)

Rebekka is a dance artist, fascinated by exploring unconventional stories + the intersection between different art forms to create unique artistic experiences.
See age advisory + content warning here.

Ross McCaffrey | Sometimes History Needs a Push
The world is getting worse + this isn’t helping.
My name’s Ross + I want to make a show about Tankies. If you don’t know what they are come along + we’ll try + figure it out together. They think Stalin was pretty neat.
There’s probably gonna be some songs in it, I’ll try not to get too upset.

A Manchester-based theatre-maker + musician, Ross is a founding member of Powder Keg, whose show Bears won the Royal Exchange’s 2016 Hodgkiss Award. He has worked with Nathaniel Hall, Stacy Makishi + Daniel Bye, + toured with Javaad Alipoor’s The Believers Are But Brothers.
See age advisory + content warning here.

Shahireh Sharif | I am an orange dot
A video acts as visual aid + the performer delivers a monologue.
The piece provides an opportunity to ponder issues such as identity, race, freedom + ownership. Inspired by real stories of migrants + asylum seekers, dedicated to all of those who travel a long + scary road in order to reach freedom + peace.
I am an orange dot. Part human part nothing.
I don’t even appear on statistics related to human casualties.

I am grateful to Ali, Atusa + Nema for their support. Thanks are also due to everyone who shared their life story to be used as the basis for this work.
Shahireh started life as a scientist with a PhD in Pharmacy. She writes + performs monologues, + through the use of photography + film, tells a story. She has published two books + some short fictions; produced The Volatile Stillness, a short film exhibited at HOME; wrote/performed Tragedy Pickers at the Whitworth + N+either at Three Minute Theatre.
See age advisory + content warning here.
insta /sangrezeh

Tania Camara | Oreo
A performance that explores the racial term ‘Oreo’ in relation to experiences of episodic racism within higher education + employment. It interrogates racial micro-aggressions + their effect on mental health, challenging the notion of whitening the physical + phenomenal self to achieve success in society; by focusing on the public figure of MP Diane Abbott.
Commissioned by Divergency, STUN + PUSH Festival.
Tania is a Manchester-based solo performance artist currently working in different mediums: devised theatre, dance, site-specific, live art, installation, video + photography. A graduate of the University of Amsterdam with an MA + BA, she uses her cultural heritage, past experiences, research + the interdisciplinary structure of Batuku.

The Strange Names Collective | An Invitation
The Strange Names Collective offer you an invitation to imagine something murderous. It doesn’t matter why you want to do it, + we’ll provide the how + the who. Instead let’s find out what it takes to murder someone, how would you actually go about getting away with it, + whether it matters or not if we imagine violence ‘hypothetically’.
The Strange Names Collective is the work of Philip Stanier + collaborators, making performance work nationally + internationally since 2001. With work across a wide range of practices, including performance, writing, fine-art, photography + video, they create multi-part interdisciplinary performance projects including: 24hr performances of happiness + the search for a Buried Moon.

Vendetta Vain | Taking the Piss
A lecture-based performance examining the complex relationship between gender + urination. A solo devised + performed by cabaret + circus artist Vendetta Vain, it mixes research + performance to look at how the most basic of bodily functions has become a convoluted maze of laws, morality, sexual politics, taboos, + public/private transgression.
Vee Smith is a UK-based circus and performance artist, a graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts + a Leverhulme Award recipient.
See age advisory + content warning here.


Emergency 2019 is produced by hÅb; supported by NIAMOS, STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North) + Z-arts | Image: Kelvin Atmadibrata by Luana Logina


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Emergency 2019
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