Turn 2017


A night of new northern dance, presented by Word of Warning + Contact

Venue + Booking Details

Date: Friday 28 April 2017, 7.30pm (ends by approximately 11pm)
Venue: Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA
Tickets: £9/5 | Ticket offers are available at Contact, please see below.
Box Office Tel: 0161 274 0600

Artists in Alphabetical Order (subject to change)

Akeim Toussaint Buck — due to illness he can no longer perform.

Ane Iselin Brogeland | The Album of Love (an extract)
I believe it is the time and space for some sweat, silver, and lots of love! Together we will be sharing a space we have all somehow visited in one way or another. It is extreme, it is painful, it is playful, and we get lost. It is love!
Using improvisation as a performance practice, The Album of Love researches the many different emotional states we go through while being in a relationship with another partner; mentally and physically. Turn 2017 presents an extract of the full length solo, which will premier on May 16th in Chester. Each different ‘state of love’ is connected to a certain song which has been specifically chosen for its lyrics, energy and emotional state; creating instant choreography on stage.
Originally from Norway, Ane Iselin Brogeland studied in Denmark, Chester + Chichester. She has toured internationally with Jonathan Burrows, Bettina Carpi, Rick Nodine, Ofra Idel, and Lila Dance, and has been guest dancer for Flexer & Sandiland’s Disappearing Acts in Norway. She is co-founder of Fluxus Collective, facilitating workshops across Europe, and Ori Dance which toured its first work Tales of the Tides in 2015.

Born + Bred Dance Theatre | The Visitor
I decided to look at the effects loneliness can have on our mental health, with a little help from my grandmother Hilda Northcote, and film maker Andrew Anderson.
Commissioned through Going Sane? the flagship project of Hoot Creative Arts, an arts and mental health organisation based in Huddersfield exploring the relationship between sanity, insanity, and creativity.
Olivia Peers trained at Liverpool John Moores University, was Educational Outreach Worker for JMUpstart, and has performed with Aletta Collins in London, Dance Equation in Nottingham, Hullaballoo in Manchester, True Motion in Salford, and Fighting Fit Productions in Liverpool. She works extensively within community and education settings, and recently developed her own company (Born + Bred Dance Theatre) which focuses on using dance as an educational tool to explore local heritage and landscape, bringing dance to as many people as possible and using it to explore the many idiosyncrasies she finds within her community.
www.bornandbreddance.co.uk | B+BDT on Facebook | @BornandBredDT

Coalesce Dance | What’s mine is yours?
A demonstration of female strength through unity and a statement that harassment is not acceptable… under any circumstances.
Choreographed + performed by: Anna Papatheodorou + Fern Maia | Music: Unknown
Anna graduated from the University of Salford where she worked with Bridget Fiske, Jamaal Burkmar, and Shona Roberts. She choreographed and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and is interessted in interdisciplinary dance work.
Fern trained at The Arden and the University of Salford, during which time she worked with choreographers such as Jamaal Burkmar, Peter Grist, and George Adams. She has worked in the creative learning sector for Hawk Dance Theatre, and is interested in collaborative work, combining dance with other forms.

Giorgio de Carolis | SAISERIT
A man who is blindly certain he knows what is right and what is wrong…
Tiresias was a prophet of Apollo in Greek mythology. He was blind and famous for his clairvoyance. He couldn’t physically see but he could understand reality in its totality.
Saiserit stands for the opposite. Saiserit is ignorant of reality. Saiserit is not being able to see someone else’s perspective. Saiserit is that “close-mindedness that amounts to an imprisonment so total that the prisoner doesn’t even know he’s locked up” (D. F. Wallace).
Giorgio de Carolis is an international dance artist/movement facilitator with experience in theatre and outdoor performance. He has danced nationally and internationally for Henri Oguike Dance Company, Motionhouse, Joli Vyann, La Petite Mort Theatre, Vis Ballet (Italy), and maintains his practice as an independent dance artist. He has been Rehearsal Director of the graduate company 12 Degrees North since 2013, and has been studying the Franklin Method with Eric Franklin in Paris since 2014.

Grace Surman + Clare Dearnaley | Film with Hope
A nine-year-old child speaks to us directly about her lifetime work of raising her mother.
Grace Surman dallies around the terms performance (art), live art, theatre, and choreography. With over 20 years experience of making solo + collaborative work, her work has been presented nationally + internationally.
Clare Dearnaley is an experienced Writer, Director + Producer who has worked in film + television for over 20 years. Recently she has returned to her preferred world of more independence: developing and creating high-end documentaries + award winning arts programming.

Jo Cork | The Intersection Series
A series of short experimental films which are, quite literally, an intersection between two projects. Combining footage from her 2016 dance film, Sensate, and editing processes which might be used in her next envisioned project. The films are demonstrations and studies as to how choreography is presented on film, and how it it further manipulated by the editing and post-production processes.
Choreographed + performed by Jo Cork | Produced, directed + edited by Jo Cork | Assistant Producer/Rehearsal Director: Annie Taylor-Gooby | Cinematography: Orestes Chouchoulas | Original Score/Sound Design: Bartosz Szafranski | Costume: James Stanley Thomas
Jo Cork has made work for Liverpool’s LEAP and Ludus’ Dance Cuts festivals, and has danced in works by Lea Anderson and Frauke Requardt, Kate Jackson, Ruth Tyson-Jones, Fleur Darkin and Gary Clarke, Temporeare Theatre (Berlin), STREB, Tempered Body Dance Theatre, London Symphony Orchestra, House of O’Dwyer, and currently works with theatre company Studio for Electronic Theatre. She is developing her next independent work with the support of Chisenhale Dance Space, Southbank University, and London College of Music.
Bartosz Szafranski is a Polish composer whose first love was music for visual media. He has written scores for several short films and has embarked on doctoral level composing work at London College of Music, where he also teaches composition.
Jo Cork on Facebook | @jcdancedigital

Kapow Dance | Origami
Folding, twisting, turning, rolling, jumping, sliding. Our body is a complex machine and it can fold and articulate in thousands of ways. Origami imagines trying out movement for the first time, from discovery to mastery to… there’s a lot to learn in a short space of time.
Eithne Kane (Performer + Choreographer) began her movement career as a gymnast and went on to train at London Contemporary Dance School. She has performed with Joli Vyann, Tilted Productions, The National Theatre, Opera North, Jorge Cresis, Madeline Shann, James Wilton, IJAD, and Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre among others, and has been creating work since 2012.
Beth Powlesland (Choreographer) is a freelance performer and dance-maker with a passion for performance in unusual settings. Beth has worked with companies and individual makers, including Earthfall, Tilted Productions, National Dance Company Wales, Jo Fong, Jem Treays, Jessie Brett, Marc Rees, Theatr Iolo, and National Theatre Wales, and creates her own work combining visual artwork, song, sculpture and dance performance.
www.kapowdance.co.uk | Kapow Dance on Facebook | @kapowdance

Matrafisc Dance | Periodo Blu
Two people… one stuck in the past and one gazing into the future. A piece about trying to keep your feet on the ground… and losing your head.
Music: Winter — Vivaldi re-composed by Max Ritcher; La Naissance — Keaton Henson; Destino — Dora Luz; Where is my mind? — Maxence Cyrin
Choreographed + performed by Matrafisc Dance: Antonello Apicella + Ina Colizza
Matrafisc Dance is an artistic collaboration between Manchester-based Italian choreographers Antonello Apicella and Ina Colizza. Key recent projects include: Bruise (2015-16) presented in Naples, Manchester, Hereford, and Amsterdam, and Soul’s Paths (2016-17), an atmospheric promenade ‘journey’ of the soul, presented at The Wonder Inn, Manchester.
matrafiscdance.com | Matrafisc Dance on Facebook | @MatrafiscDance

Meraki Collective | Only Speak When Spoken To
A colourful and comedic exploration into social etiquette; the do’s and don’ts of one’s place in polite society. We invite audiences to laugh, revolt and revel as Meraki Collective play with “the rules”.
Formerly NOW, Laura and Emmy of the Meraki Collective met briefly at Salford University, though it wasn’t until a few years later that they began working together. Having performed alongside each other in works created by others, they decided it was time to create a work of their own. They have a shared vision in terms of physicality, and creating meaningful and accessible works that explore and challenge current societal themes.
Emmy is a choreographer and mixed artform producer based in Manchester, who has created works and events promoting Manchester-based artists across the north west. She is currently an artist in residence for HOME’s Project X.
Laura is a freelance performer living and working in Manchester, currently a member of Contact Young Company. She has worked with companies such as Frantic Assembly, Studio Matejka, Joseph Reay-Reid, and Ockham’s Razor.
Meraki Co. website | Meraki Co. on Facebook | @MerakiCoPT

Peter Groom Dance Theatre | MADRE
What if it’s all or nothing? Created from a scratch performance whilst in residence at Battersea Arts Centre, the piece began as an exploration into working solo. Some of the questions explored were: blood ties, lament, mafia + saying goodbye. Since its creation at BAC in 2014, MADRE has toured to DanceCity, DanceBase, TripSpace + Yorkshire Dance.
Performed by Peter Groom. | Dramaturgy by Kai Green.
Peter Groom is a choreographer and actor working mainly with dance and theatre. He is currently Associate Choreographic Dance Maker at DanceCity, Newcastle for 2016/17.
www.petergroomdance-theatre.com | @_petergroom

Rebekka Platt | Can You Hear Me?
A whisper through space and time from the unknown; inspired by the 1977 Wow! signal. Duration: 72-seconds.
Rebekka Platt is a dance artist based in Manchester. She is curious about interdisciplinary practice and takes inspiration from other art forms to create imaginative dance works, chiefly through long-running collaboration with sound artist David Birchall, creating the performance work One which toured 2010-13. Rebekka also collaborated with visual artist Aliyah Hussain on The Dreaming and performed in the Volkov Commanders’ futuristic discos.
Rebekka Platt on Facebook | @BekkePlatt

The inFamous Five | INFAMY
Five women from different parts of the globe, whose combined ages add up to 185, present a structured improv while finding solidarity and good humour in wake of the Brexit vote and the election of President Trump.
Mr. President, Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen, we stand before you tonight…
Dancers: Ane Iselin Brogeland, Bettina Carpi, Manny Emslie, Jane McLean + Sarah Spies | Special thanks to Gary Lloyd for producing the audio track.
For Ane Iselin Brogeland, please see her solo biography above.
Bettina Carpi is a Swiss-Italian dance artist. She has danced with CandoCo Dance Company, Marc Brew, Arthur Pita, ENO, Annie Lok, and Joe Moran, as well as creating her own choreographic work.
Manny Emslie is a dance-making and movement-based artist with a particular interest in improvisation and Dharma Art. She has created and toured her solo works in the USA and the UK.
Jane McLean is an independent dance and capoeira artist who thrives when immersed in artistic dialogue with other artists, collaborating to create and perform innovative new work. She has a particular interest in improvisation in performance.
Sarah Spies is a dance-making, choreographer and movement-based artist as well as a performance curator with international organisations: The Choreographic Forum, Independent Curators International, and Accumulations.

Access Information

Turn 2017 takes place in a number of different spaces and formats around Contact’s building — some seated, some standing, some limited capacity, some participatory. With intervals, the night’s programme will last up to 3½ hours.
Age advisory: 12+ (parental/guardian discretion). For specific age and access information please email info@habmcr.org or call 0161 232 6086.


Turn 2017 is co-produced by hÅb, Contact, Dance Manchester + Manchester Dance Consortium; supported using public funding by Arts Council England; funded by Manchester City Council. | Image: Holly Rush (Turn 2016)


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Turn 2017

Fri 28 Apr, 7.30pm. £9/5 | Contact
Participating artists subject to change.