Haphazard 2017

Artists + Activity, 12noon-4pm

A free event for the curious of all ages, presented by Word of Warning + Z-arts
Turn up at Z-arts any time from 12noon to 4pm, come and go as you please…

Venue + Booking Details

Date: Saturday 1 April 2017, 12noon-4pm
Venue: Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA
Tickets: FREE, no ticket booking required, come + go as you please (N.B. some activity may operate on a first-come, first-served basis.)
Venue Tel: 0161 232 6089

Activity All Afternoon (artists subject to change)

AAA Batteries | Pesky Poissons
On April 1st the French find fish not fools… in this twist on the francophile, find a hidden fish, complete a task and who knows what you might find… the fool who dares wins.

Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer | Prop Doors
Open a door and see what happens…
website | @BMcChrystalP

Delpha Hudson + Nigel Bispham | Bear-hemian Rhapsody
A Russian girl on accordion and a dancing bear on saxophone — together they make beautiful music. But there is talk of a wall being built between them. Help shape their story — reunite the bear and his love; help them play amazing music together again.

Lani Irving + Chloë Smith | The Blanket Fort
Lani + Chloë believe that life isn’t playful enough, so they’ve made a space for everyone to come and play. You are invited to their blanket fort — a place of glow-in-the dark stars, hairbrush karaoke, colouring-in, and fortune telling (real fortunes not guaranteed). A place to discover your inner child, hide from the outside world, and let children make the rules for once. A place where children can be children, and adults can be children too.
laniirving.co.uk + chloesmith.net | Lani Irving Art on Facebook | @thebusybadger + @chloeliveartist

Megan Egglestein | Spec Savers: Future Visions
What lenses would you fashion to look towards the future? At the Spec Savers craft table, Megan helps shape your vision — however colourful, sparkly, or fuzzy — and then, every hour, reveals the true power of political gesture in a speech without words.

Natalie Wearden + Indigo Branscombe | Post-Truth Clowning
Killer clowns and political clowns: coulrophobia and post-truth are the buzzwords of our time… Join Natalie + Indigo to reclaim clowning in this ministry of silly walks for the post-truth age.
nataliewearden.co.uk + indigoverity.wordpress.com

Playing Up | A DIY introduction
Pick a card, read it out loud, complete the action. Playing Up means you might: dog-walk your parents, create a cabinet of wonders, recreate your identity, re-enact an incident, reimagine the future, or see your name in lights… Drawing on key Live Art works, this is a unique game played by adults and kids together; discover more or get your own copy from playingup.thisisliveart.co.uk

Rebekka Platt | Can you hear me?
A whisper through space and time inspired by the 1977 Wow! signal. Duration: 72-seconds.
Rebekka Platt on Facebook | @RebekkaPlatt

Timed Activity (artists + timings subject to change)

From 12noon to 2pm
Philip Breadney | Caged Queen

Vicious, evil and nasty… or just wickedly funny… the Caged Queen lurks in our darkest recesses — a mirror to a world that shows no trust, dignity or respect. How will she reflect on you?
Philip is a member of Proud & Loud Arts.
www.proudandloudarts.com | Proud & Loud Arts on Facebook | @proudandloudart

At 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Chris Sav | Is It Too Late Now To Say Sardine?

Lucky Gills is the most liberating, heart-racing, life-affirming karaoke experience on earth. Sing along to your favourite boy band classics from the deep, including: Buoys2Men, Backstream Boys + Hake That.
chrissavartist.wordpress.com | @Disappointman

At 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm
Megan Egglestein | Spec Savers: Future Visions

After shaping your vision — however colourful, sparkly, or fuzzy — Megan reveals the true power of political gesture in a speech without words.

At 2pm + 3.15pm
Nicola Smith | #work

Roll up, roll up and watch the Smith family spin a plate, wear trick slippers, drop toy cars off a ladder, and magic stick letters to the wall. Rose-tinted spectacles available!
And from 2.15pm to 3.15pm
Nicola Smith | #workshop

A drop-in plate-spinning workshop where you can come and have a go, perform in front of the red velver curtain and collect your special prize.
nsartist.myportfolio.com | @nsartist34 + @family_resident

From 2.30pm to 3.15pm, and from 3.30pm to 4pm
Grace Surman + Clare Dearnaley | Film with Hope

A nine-year-old child speaks to us directly about her lifetime work of raising her mother. (NB 15-minute video on loop.)

From 2.30pm to 4pm
Michael Gleave | Space Adex

“I’ve been dying for years. We’re all dying.”
It’s a funeral for everyone, but a funeral with a twist… the world’s first karaoke disco-funeral, with added glitter.
Michael is a member of Proud & Loud Arts.
www.proudandloudarts.com | Proud & Loud Arts on Facebook | @proudandloudart


Haphazard 2017 is produced by hÅb; supported using public funding by Arts Council England; funded by Manchester City Council; supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. | Image: Chris Sav


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Haphazard 2017

Sat 1 Apr, 12noon-4pm. FREE | Z-arts
Participating artists subject to change.