Hazard 2016

Activity 2-3pm

A free afternoon of incidental intervention and sited performance in Mcr City Centre, presented by Word of Warning on Saturday 9 July: turn up at any time from 12 noon to 5pm and discover activity around St Ann’s Square

There There | Text HOME
Text HOME to 78070 is a durational performative invasion of immigration advice. It sees two stereotypical Eastern Europeans occupy public spaces to distribute first-hand tips on everything from getting a work permit to navigating the NHS, helping immigrants integrate and endanger the British way.

Text HOME to 78070 is the brainchild of There There, a 100% Eastern European performance company conjured up by Dana Olărescu + Bojana Janković. Originally commissioned by Giving in to Gift.

Output Arts | Running with Scissors
Output Arts presents the ultimate in hazardous track games: Running with Scissors gives you the opportunity to really test your metal. Fabulous prizes to be won!

Output Arts produces playful and poignant site-specific installations: drawing with light under a flyover; searching for stories of loss on the beach with mumbling metal detectors; a motion-triggered ringing WWII telephone in a shopping centre.
outputarts.com | @outputarts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram + Vimeo.

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee | Collapse Manchester
A series of bodies appears, dotted around the urban landscape. Each body is falling, falling so slowly as to be barely visible. A vertical collapse set against the rapid flow of a linear city: a human measure of time and a reflection on presence and on time itself.
Collapse is an ongoing series of performance interventions that place the ‘body as measure’; Collapse Manchester creates a new landscape of stillness in the daily rush.

Jin Bells | Head in Hole 2016
A pointless body, a meaningless action, a nonsensical intervention into the city…

Emerging Manchester artist Jin Bells works between theatre and performance art and has undertaken a residency at CRASH2016 and has upcoming performances at Islington Mill, Salford and Tempting Failure Festival, London.

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha | Because of hair; the dichotomy of culture and identity
I am not historical, I am not futuristic, I am not the old nor am I the new. I am but an object made from human hair. My purpose is to disturb, to interrupt your contemplation and seduce your vision; so that I become an image of your imagination.

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha makes work that attempts to connect to her Nigerian culture and to the questions she is asking about her identity as a black woman living in England.
A raw unedited power, too distinct to miss. Charged and alive, Ezugha’s presence irrepressibly seeps through her skin into every action, imbuing them with strong personal, political and cultural significance.” — Zierle & Carter

These activities happen all afternoon, 12noon-5pm

Aidan Strudwick | Human Mini-Golf
Alex Bradley + Bill Leslie | COME AS YOU ARE (guerrilla mix 1.0)
Ali Wilson + Jessica Gibson | Pair of Pears
Full Circle Arts + Playfuel | Box Society
Instant Dissidence | Dancing With Strangers: From Calais to England
Nathaniel Mason | Occupied
un-earthed collective | Inflated Hazard — dicing with dystopia

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Activities each hour… 12noon-1pm | 1-2pm | 3-4pm | 4-5pm


Hazard 2016 is produced by hÅb, in collaboration with the participating artists; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + funded by Manchester City Council. Thanks to the Royal Exchange Theatre.
hazardmcr.org | @HazardMcr | #HazardMcr

Hazard 2016

Sat 9 Jul, 12noon-5pm | St Ann's Square, Mcr
Participating artists subject to change.