Hazard 2016

Activity 12noon-1pm

A free afternoon of incidental intervention and sited performance in Mcr City Centre, presented by Word of Warning on Saturday 9 July: turn up at any time from 12 noon to 5pm and discover activity around St Ann’s Square

Output Arts | Running with Scissors
Output Arts presents the ultimate in hazardous track games: Running with Scissors gives you the opportunity to really test your metal. Fabulous prizes to be won!

Output Arts produces playful and poignant site-specific installations: drawing with light under a flyover; searching for stories of loss on the beach with mumbling metal detectors; a motion-triggered ringing WWII telephone in a shopping centre.
outputarts.com | @outputarts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram + Vimeo.

un-earthed collective | Inflated Hazard — dicing with dystopia
Roll the dice, inflate the hazard…
Every generation has its defining threat: a world at war; nuclear holocaust; climate change; terrorism. The corporate media inflates these threats with sensationalism. What effect does this inflation of fear have on us?
This playful, provocative performance invites the audience to roll giant inflatable dice in the street, allowing chance to dictate what follows then offering a chance to tell a different story.
What happens next? You decide.
Inflated Hazard takes the form of a series of timed performances and an ongoing installation with which you can interact.

Jin Bells | Head In Hole 2016
A pointless body, a meaningless action, a nonsensical intervention into the city…

Emerging Manchester artist Jin Bells works between theatre and performance art and has undertaken a residency at CRASH2016 and has upcoming performances at Islington Mill, Salford and Tempting Failure Festival, London.

These activities happen all afternoon, 12noon-5pm

Aidan Strudwick | Human Mini-Golf
Alex Bradley + Bill Leslie | COME AS YOU ARE (guerrilla mix 1.0)
Ali Wilson + Jessica Gibson | Pair of Pears
Full Circle Arts + Playfuel | Box Society
Instant Dissidence | Dancing With Strangers: From Calais to England
Nathaniel Mason | Occupied
un-earthed collective | Inflated Hazard — dicing with dystopia

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Hazard 2016 is produced by hÅb, in collaboration with the participating artists; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + funded by Manchester City Council. Thanks to the Royal Exchange Theatre.
hazardmcr.org | @HazardMcr | #HazardMcr

Hazard 2016

Sat 9 Jul, 12noon-5pm | St Ann's Square, Mcr
Participating artists subject to change.