Haphazard 2016

Artists + Activity, 12noon-4pm

A free event for the curious of all ages, presented by Word of Warning + Z-arts
Turn up at Z-arts any time from 12noon to 4pm, come and go as you please…

Venue + Booking Details, for Haphazard

Date: Saturday 20 February 2016, 12noon-4pm
Venue: Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA
Entry is FREE, come and go as you please (N.B. no ticket booking required; †Some activity will operate on a first-come, first-served basis).
Venue Tel: 0161 232 6089

Timed Activity (subject to change)

12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm — Katy Dye | RATS!
Crawling in our kitchens and blocking up our drainpipes, nibbling at our cornflakes and scratching at our doorsteps… dirty, smelly, flea-bitten, disease-ridden, ugly, amazing RATS! A 10 minute performance that explores rodent reputation and tries to redress the balance — after all, it’s a hard life being a rat!

1pm & 3pm — Marcus Orlandi | Two Reeler
Inspired by the early era films of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd, everyday household objects are misused, misunderstood and confused. A 15 minute performance — expect slapstick, awkwardness and tuneless song!

2pm — Eilidh MacAskill + Rosana Cade | Gendersaurus Rex: The Clothes Show (header image)
Meet the Gendersaurus Rex — the genial host of this gender-busting fashion show like no other — a 15 minute performance… with dinosaurs!
@EilidhUkulele @RosanaCade @GendersaurusRex | Gendersaurus Facebook

Activity All Afternoon (subject to change)

Artizani | The Bees: Colony
Multiple handmade hives, each hiding an unexpected honey-scented world to challenge, charm and confound expectation. Tended by ethereal beekeepers, visitors participate in multi-sensory micro-experiences of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.
@ArtizaniUK | Artizani Facebook

Bees!… has done much to raise the quality of outdoor performing arts… something different and distinctive — Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Doris La Trine | Flushed!
Doris La Trine has finally come out of her (water) closet as it’s time she said goodbye to her beloved Len, her golden giant toilet, a queer couple. A feminist visual and physical tragic-comedy.

Flipbook People | Flipbook Live
Remember body flipbooks? Some of the characters have come to life! And you have an opportunity to join them as a flipbook character of your own creation: a ‘swimming cowboy clown’ or ‘hula dancing doctor king’. It’s up to you!
@FiSimpo + @shaunwykes

Gareth Cutter | I Am A Volcano
A volcano is getting ready to erupt… active and ominous, this volcano isn’t magma-powered but fuelled by voice alone. The more sounds you add the more unpredictable it becomes, in a collective climactic audience shout, hiss, or growl…
@garethcutter | Gareth Cutter Facebook

Katy Baird | The Free Market
Katy is selling her entire wardrobe — in a bid to change herself. Don’t bring cash, but bring your ideas and get rid of those February blues in this sale of the season. Everything must go!

Left Leg Gallery | Crazy F.O.R.E
Crazy Golf meets action painting. Load your golf ball with paint and aim for a hole in one! Check out videos here + here.
@LeftLegGallery | Left Leg Gallery Facebook

Lucy McCormick | Animal Study
Part Disney film, part #LOLcat vine: Man is Dog, Woman is Cat but without the furry façade. A roaming challenge to sensible public behaviour.
Can you see the kitty? Perhaps she is sitting on the wall. Oh look there’s a doggy too, and he wants to play!

Matt Girling | Pastures new
Watch the unfolding of a strange and exciting tiny world, ready to be inhabited by YOUR creativity.

Same Difference | A Few Feet Up
Just above our heads is an entirely different and unexplored realm — always present but just out of reach. Use our giant periscope to see a familiar place anew for a literal and metaphorical change of perspective.
@samediff_art | Same Difference Facebook

Travelling Lights | Ludicrously Luminous
Digital meets steampunk in this mesmerising lightshow, as a spiral of light colour and pattern swirls above your head. An eccentric trio of machines — re-fashioned beer pumps, an old laundry mangle and the mysterious Helical Morphosis Configurator — put the control in your hands.
@TL_Circus | Travelling Light Circus Facebook


Produced by hÅb + Z-arts; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + funded by Manchester City Council; supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund.
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Haphazard 2016

Sat 20 Feb, 12noon-4pm. FREE | Z-arts