Emergency 2016

Fourth Session: 7pm-11pm

Presented by Word of Warning, STUN + Z-arts during Emergency 2016

Artists in Chronological Order (subject to change)

Please note this is primarily an adult event, see Access Info below.

Theatre 42 | Nothing is Coming, The Pixels are Huge
An abridged preview.
Blending colourful game-like visuals with contemporary dark storytelling, Theatre 42 presents a version of the future that seems all too close for comfort. Nothing is Coming, The Pixels are Huge questions the dark side of technology’s role in society. Using two projectors and 200 cardboard boxes, four actors construct and play out fragments of 1,000 different lives. Rummaging through the building blocks of their existence, they recall and recreate them with the only material at their disposal — pixels. The characters wade through their memories, forget who they are and remember what it is to be human.
Developed at Lancaster University; supported by LICA at Lancaster University, Making Room + Lancaster Arts.

Theatre 42 is a group of graduates from Lancaster University. They make work based around technological and social change, and the way these two things interact. T42 is David Callanan, Anna West, Elizabeth Duggan, Jack Madley, Beatrice Sutton + Louise Cross.

Ali Wilson | The Living Room
Welcome to The Living Room — aka the dancing room, the biscuit room, the dreaming room, the singing room, the video-making room, the fortune telling room. Grandad’s here and raring to go. I’ll make sure he’s turned his hearing-aid on. We’ve been working on this for a while…

Ali makes quirky, semi-autobiographical solo work which tries to ask big questions about big things. She has performed with Quarantine and has worked with Belgian theatre maker Leentje Van de Cruys. She performed her solo show Shit Happens at Emergency 2015 and was ½ of the Pair of Pears at Hazard 2016. She is an Associate Artist with Facade Theare and ⅕ of the ensemble Sour Lemons.

Chanje Kunda | Superposition
What are the real laws of attraction?
Unlikely bed-fellows quantum mechanics, existentialism and erotic dance combine in this celebration of female sensuality from a feminist perspective.
Writer + performer: Chanje Kunda | Performance Development: Benji Reid | Dramaturge: Malika Booker | Movement Consultant: Fay Warne
Developed as a Divergency micro-commission with support from hÅb + STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North). Commissioned by Contact, hÅb + STUN. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Image from Physics a short film by Lwimbo Kunda.

Chanje is a solo artist working nationally and internationally as both a poet and performance artist. Her last full length show, Amsterdam, fused spoken word with live art and was nominated for Best Studio Production by Manchester Theatre Awards, touring both nationally and to South Africa + The Netherlands.

Paul O’Donnell | Beautiful
Due to a miscommunication and gross lack of funds, Paul is unable to bring you the full-scale West End Bon Jovi musical he had hoped to today.
He’s got the lights, he’s got the music… he just can’t afford the fees for a full cast of 32, and a 7-piece live band, or any set… we hope you understand.
Join Paul in imagining what is in the gaps, and lose yourself in this beautifully empty spectacle of a musical theatre show.

Paul is a solo theatre maker creating work that aims to both entertain and challenge audiences. His previous work includes So Far West, Nothing! (a Works Ahead 2014 commission) and One Thing On His Mime, which have been received positively across the UK. Paul is currently Birmingham Repertory Theatre + Theatre Absolute’s Associate Artist, and also produces events and his own theatre festival (Shoot Festival) in and around Coventry.

Tin Can People | The Freak Show feat. Crystal Vision
We’ve only gone and bloody done it, we’ve joined the 21st century.
Through the chaos we look into crystal balls and we turn to the moon for answers.
Maybe there aren’t any answers, maybe this is an illusion. Whatever it is, let’s enjoy being here, together.

A journey of dream sequences where we meet enchanted gypsies, beefeater bears and take job opportunities. We leave a small reclusive village and end up in a city.

Tin Can People is a Preston-based collaborative company led by Charlotte Berry + Rob Gregson. They have created work for studios, museums, pubs + kitchens — at Hatch, Derelict, Domestic II, Emergency 2015 + Camden People’s Theatre.

Tom Cassani | Someone Loves You Drive With Care
The structure of a trick is imbalanced. Watch everyday actions turn into the impossible. I place myself in vulnerable situations so we can examine the extremities of collectively constructed truths and lies. We will explore moments in time that have never happened and will never happen again. Being born at the same time as a tree, holding a stranger’s hand, crying. I will expose deceptive techniques, teach how to spot a deception, empty my pockets and disarm myself of any hidden magnets, threads and pulleys. Stripping back any physical means of trickery we will explore and expose deception.

Tom’s practice is informed by a background in Performance Magic, Contemporary Theatre + Choreographic techniques. He works with the composition of actions and texts that integrate notions of the Self with wider concerns of Authenticity and Deception, using his background in sleight of hand and a knowledge of magic-based deceptive techniques to explore Truth, Lies, Belief + Failure.

N.B. Darren White no longer appears

Venue + Booking Details

Date: Saturday 1 October 2016, 7-11pm (full event runs 12noon-11pm)
Venue: Z-arts (incl. STUN Studio, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA
Tickets: FREE, no booking required, come + go as you please.
N.B. Some limited capacity shows may have sign-up sheets on the day, others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
Venue (Z-arts) Tel: 0161 232 6089

Access Information

Emergency 2016 is primarily an adult-focussed event and some works may not be suitable for younger viewers (i.e. under 18s). It takes place in a number of different spaces and formats — some seated, some standing, some spoken word, some visual, some limited capacity, some participatory. We apologise but some of the work may not be wheelchair accessible. For specific age and access information please email info@habarts.org or call 0161 232 6086.


Emergency 2016 is produced by hÅb; supported using public funding by Arts Council England + Manchester City Council. | Image: Theatre 42


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Emergency 2016

Sat 1 Oct, 12noon-11pm. FREE | Z-arts
Participating artists subject to change.