Haphazard 2015

Ongoing Activity from 12noon to 4pm

A free event for the curious of all ages, presented by Word of Warning + Z-arts
Turn up at Z-arts any time from 12noon to 4pm, come and go as you please…

####Venue + Booking Details, for Haphazard Date: Saturday 28 February 2015, 12noon-4pm
Venue: Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA
Tickets: FREE no booking required († limited capacity, sign-up on the day)
Venue Tel: 0161 232 6089

####Ongoing Activity (in no particular order)
Lani Irving (The Busy Badger) | Livestock
Haphazard welcomes its very own bovine micro-herd… Last seen during 2013, Lani returns with a friendly bunch of cows to herd you around the building — and if you need any help they might moo back!
The Busy Badger website | The Busy Badger facebook | @thebusybadger
Wildlife — Haphazard 2013

Anonymous | Narcissus
Everyone loves badges, don’t they? What slogan will you choose and what does it say about you?
Ask a white-coated volunteer for your favourite badge and become part of this mobile and moving self-portrait of an unknown artist, painted in words on tin.

Leo Burtin | Homemade: Le Bistroquet
You are invited to Leo’s Bistro — join us in this pop-up café where the menu needs you! While you sip on a soupçon or taste a tit-bit, why not offer your own recipe for our chef to consider?
Seen at Hazard 2014 this is a pop-up intervention by Leo Burtin, produced by Talk with LEAP as part of the Homemade series. Leo is an artist + creative producer… He wouldn’t normally let you know that he’s French and used to work for Jamie Oliver! (N.B. Food + drink served may contain allergens.)
www.talkwithleap.com | @olamerino
Le Bistroquet

Peter Jacobs | Gone Mad
Little by little, as the hours while away, curious creatures appear in the café. Shaping and growing, from little more than a roll of tape, these brightly coloured mummies emerge, stumbling and waddling in a slow-mo game of follow-my-leader.
http://peter-jacobs.weebly.com | Peter Jacobs facebook | @PeterTJacobs
Gone Mad

Ultra Violets | Labolis Goes Wild
Welcome to the jungle… Pick up a pirate map from Captain Jack and embark on a perilous quest for buried treasure. Fish in the lagoon and unravel the spider-web riddle as you search for the elusive clues.

In 2013 the Ultra Violets brought mayhem in the Minotaur’s maze. Now be enticed to explore, but remember — it’s a jungle out there!
www.ultraviolets.org.uk | Ultra Violets facebook Labolis

Natasha Patel | Shoes
If your shoes could talk, what stories could they tell? What journeys have they been on and what has led you down the path you have walked?
A trail of shoes, big and small, plain and fancy, each with its own story…

Josh Coates | The White Room
Is there something you want to get off your chest? Has something been bugging you for a while? That song lyric, that memory, that conversation? Or is a little part of you just itching to make your mark?
Offering you the chance to do just that, The White Room is a store-room turned memory-book — walls, floors, chairs papered in an invitation to leave a message, a story or a picture for your fellow visitor. Artist Josh Coates will be there to help and inspire you (and maybe to discourage the less creative contribution!)
The White Room

Julieann O’Malley | HIVE
Welcome to the HIVE — or the plight of the bumble bee.
Enter inside and meet Queen Bee, a friendly creature who needs your help — her workers are struggling and without them we’ll lose our fruit and veg.
Can your ideas help the Queen save her bees?
Please sign-up on the day. Suitable for any age, this a 5 minute experience involving a one-to-one conversation with an adult — accompanying adults are more than welcome to join children if they would feel more comfortable, or to wait outside!
Queen Bee

####There’s also Timed Activity between 12noon & 4pm: Rachel Ramchurn | Robert Foster | Levantes Dance Theatre | Liz Clarke

Haphazard 2015