Michael Pinchbeck

The man who flew into space from his apartment

Presented by Word of Warning, The Guinness Partnership during Domestic II

In Brief

A slideshow exploring absence and presence, flying and falling, and the power of the artist to fail or be free.

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Venue + Booking Details, for Domestic II

(Dates: Friday 25 September 2015, 7pm + 10pm)
Venue: Matthias Court, off Cannon Street, Salford, M3 6JD — a 7 minute walk from Chapel Street / Salford Cathedral, a 13 minute walk to Salford Central Railway Station, and a 20 minute walk to Opera House on Quay Street.
Tickets: Evening Performances can be booked online via We Got Tickets (10% booking fee applies) OR reserved over the phone 07581 299 439 (leave a message + we’ll get back to you); remaining tickets will be available at Matthias Court (cash only) just before the performances.

Access Information

As a sited event, Domestic II presents a number of access challenges please see front page for details.
Age advisory: 14+ Slideshow with narration and music. For specific age and access information please email info@habarts.org or call 07581 299 439.


The first thing to do if you ever find yourself suddenly expelled into the vacuum of space is exhale.

The T in T minus stands for test. This is a test. This is an immersive slideshow inspired by an installation by the Russian artist Ilya Kabakov.

There is a guest performer. There is an audience of ten people. The guest performer follows instructions on headphones they have never heard before.

The performance draws on notions of escape and makes a journey (like Kabakov) between east and west, flying and falling, attempt and failure. It questions an understanding of space by relating outer space to the theatre space, the journey of the man who flew into space from his apartment with that of the guest performer involved, taking a leap of faith and heading into the unknown.

Who are they?

Michael Pinchbeck is a Nottingham-based award-winning writer and theatre maker. His work has toured nationally and internationally, including a trilogy of devised performances — The Beginning (launched WoW, Feb 2012), The Middle (commissioned by hÅb, May 2013) and The End (closed greenroom, May 2011) — and his work has been selected for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase three times. Works-in-progress of The man who… (commissioned by hÅb) were shown in November 2014.

He has a Masters in Performance and Live Art from Nottingham Trent University, lectures at the University of Lincoln and is completing a PhD at Loughborough University exploring the role of dramaturg; he is also co-director of Hatch, the East Midlands’ “theatre without a building”.

Michael’s guest performers are Niki Woods (7pm) + Oliver Bray (10pm).

What audiences have said about The man who…

Like watching a Tarkovsky film.
Loved the intimacy and the audience participation.
Visually it was beautiful. Loved the unknown nature of performance and audience participation.
Exciting new concept. Good use of audience participation generates same feeling in the audience as the performer.
Loved how it made me feel a part of it. Immersed and expectant. Nervous but excited.
Like a performance poem.


Commissioned by hÅb + Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Developed at First Bite, Forest Fringe + Hatch. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Photography by Julian Hughes.


michaelpinchbeck.co.uk | Facebook | @mdpinchbeck

Domestic II

Thurday 24 — Saturday 26 September 2015
at Matthias Court, M3 6JD [on Google Maps]
Thu 24 Sep, 7.30pm. £5, booking essential
Fri 25 Sep, 7pm + 10pm. £3 (both sold-out)
Fri 25 Sep, 7.30pm. £5 (sold-out)
Sat 26 Sep, 12noon-5pm. FREE, no need to book
Sat 26 Sep, 7.30pm. £5, low availability