Domestic II

Saturday Daytime

Presented by Word of Warning, The Guinness Partnership during Domestic II

Saturday Daytime Performance Programme, 12noon-5pm

Please note this is primarily an adult event, see Access Info below.

Tin Can People | Audio Caff
Please see individual page; also available with a 24/25/26 Sep evening ticket.

Ria Hartley | My Brother’s Father
Please see individual page; also available with a 24/25/26 Sep evening ticket.

Louise Wallwein | Glue
Please see individual page; Saturday Daytime brings a durational installation version, to see the 20 minute performance version please book a 24/25/26 Sep evening ticket.

Threshold | 1989 called…
A sonic silhouette, an artist’s self-portrait created from the substance of absence.

1989 called… shapes a sonic silhouette, an artist’s self-portrait in their absence created from the substance left behind that might define them. In this case, the portrait is created from genuine answer phone messages left by friends, recorded in 1989. We listen in on someone else’s life as disembodied voices from the past hint at relationships, events, both real and imagined, and imply a character to this absent recipient for whom the messages were once intended.

1989 called… is an ongoing domestic installation.

A professional film-maker for 30 years, with more than 200 film credits as artist, producer, director or writer, including rock videos for major UK and US record labels, artists’ shorts video installations, commercial promotional films and award-winning community access workshops productions, Barry Hale’s work has had numerous international screenings and exhibitions, from Las Vegas to Latvia, from the ICA to the belly of a Stockholm ship. He is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Threshold Studios and Festival Co-Director of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Doris La Trine | Flushed
Doris La Trine + her beloved toilet, Len, perform Flushed. Doris has finally come out the (water) closet, and is trying to say good-bye to Len. Flushed is a feminist visual and physical tragi-comedy. Flushed is an occasional performance intervention.

Doris La Trine is performed by Liselle Terret, a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University. She performs queer feminist crip comedic low performance art and is co-course leader for a new Diploma in Performance-Making for learning disabled adults with Access All Areas at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. She has performed with Annie Sprinkle at The Chelsea Theatre, London.

Doris La Trine

Clare Charnley | Flat Pack
Container ships; the undeniable pleasures of packaging; the politics and aesthetics of obsolescence — the short step between the flashy show flat and the pathos of the charity store. As she fits out the room, these are some of the things Charnley is puzzling about. She does so in discussion with visitors.

Flat Pack is an ongoing performance installation and conversation.

Clare Charnley regards making as a kind of thinking. Much of her work is evolved in dialog with the public. Recent videos, exhibitions and performances include Torino Performance, Italy; Archetype Drift, Chicago; PNEM Sound Art, Netherland; the Bluecoat, Liverpool; Post War, Sulamaniyah Kurdistan/ Iraq. | @clare_charnley
Clare Charnley

Mackenzie & Reed | Natura Naturans
An experimental work that asks, is a space ever really uninhabited?

Acting as enablers, Mackenzie & Reed test the flaws in our current definition of the word ‘life’ by allowing the activity of unseen living matter within the room to become performer. Using a combination of live hack-microscopy, projection and sound recording within the seemingly uninhabited domestic space, Mackenzie & Reed reveal that the room is alive and coax it into a collaborative performance.

Natura Naturans is an ongoing performance installation. Open to all ages, but be advised it quite dark and there are large insect/arachnid images.

Louise Mackenzie is a mixed-media artist creating installation, sculpture, performance, sound and film works since 2009. Currently researching living matter as material, she enables unpredictable relationships between medium, sound, image and text. She won the New Graduate Award at Manchester Science Festival 2013 and has exhibited in the UK, Australia and Japan. Mark Reed is a freelance sound recordist, artist and would-be hermit philosopher. A graduate of Popular and Contemporary Music at Newcastle University, Mark has expertise in sound design, composition and recording, managing sound production.
Supported by Northumbria University, Newcastle University and Lancaster University. | @loumackenzie
Mackenzie + Reed

Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe | Pillow Talk
The sound of forgotten intimacy, an installation for one person at a time.

Laura and Shane are cousins. They have a Grandmother. She is forgetting herself. There is a bed. Not different to hers. There is a pillow. A pillow. A something we all own. Holds heads, dreams, thoughts, prayers. Intimate and ours. Hers.

This intimate sound installation explores the landscape of the dying mind. It’s gentle and surprising.

Pillow Talk is an ongoing installation for one person at a time. Age advisory, 12+ or with adult accompaniment.

Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe is an actor, writer, theatre maker and the artistic director of the theatre and film company justmakeit Productions. Shane O’Sullivan is a composer, sound designer and broadcast engineer from Cork, Ireland and has been designing for theatre, short film and radio since 2009.
Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe

Jamil E-R Keating | Asteroid RK1 (no longer appears)
How close is too close for something so far?

An installation-story about asteroids and alcoholism, meteorites and human rights, comets in the night-sky and care in the city. Rotations, revolutions and realisations…

Asteroid RK1 is a looping 15 minute performance installation for small groups.

An interdisciplinary artist interested in theatre and live art, Jamil has developed an auto-biographical coming of age solo-show for hÅb’s Works Ahead and pieces for Hazard and Emergency. He was Assistant Director on Contact Young Company’s The Shrine of Everyday Things and produces performance nights as part of the collective, Gnarled Tongues.

Leo Burtin | Between Us
A brief encounter with a stranger about the bits of life you’d like to never forget. A conversation for one person at a time.

It’s a short story, a snapshot of the everyday. You are invited to celebrate the things that matter to you, to commemorate the small things, the bits of life which you’d like to remember.

“What is your 4th July? Who’s birthday would you never forget? When did you take your first steps?”

Between Us is a performance for one person at a time. Age advisory, 12 + or with parental discretion.

Devised by Leo Burtin as part of the Homemade series, a series of artworks which seek to provoke complex conversations by gently disrupting familiar and domestic contexts and concepts.

Leo Burtin is an artist, creative producer and writer based in London. Leo describes himself as a socially engaged practitioner, and his work often takes place at the crossroads where genres and disciplines meet, blend and blur. In the recent past, he has worked with imitating the dog, Raisin & Willow, Rajni Shah Projects + Blast Theory. | Facebook | @olamerino
Leo Burtin

Charlotte CHW | Body-Wake
An intimate durational live art installation using the body and movement, film and ceramic sculpture to explore the physical and mental impact of life in a degenerating body. This highly personal work uses the bodily presence, film, overlapping abstract soundscapes and ceramics to explore the physical and mental impact of living in a degenerating body, mirrored in an intimate semi-derelict environment.

Body Wake is a repeating performance for small groups.

Charlotte CHW is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hastings primarily working in the realms of live art, sculpture, sound and installation and where the boundaries of these mediums do or don’t lie. Primary interests in her work lie in the societal anxiety surrounding physical and mental health and the presentation of this. She attempts to translate emotional honesty to physicality and portray the ebbs and flows of the human body.
Charlotte CHW

Afreena Islam | Daughters of the Curry Revolution
“When I was little, I used to hang out at my dad’s restaurant every weekend, back when they used to stay open until 5am. After a hard days toil running-round like I owned the place for a bit, I would fall asleep to the CCTV; my body on the chest freezer, and my head resting on a pile of tablecloths. The Daughters of the Curry Revolution is a reflection on my dad’s life; from his journey to this country, to his journey to this day.”

Daughters of the Curry Revolution is a repeating performance for small groups.

Last seen trading secrets in a Liverpool shed for ‘Poolside Emergency, Afreena normally makes work as one half of Manchester-based interactive theatre company, PGB. She calls herself an artist only when she’s got something to say, the rest of the time she manages Divergency, sits on Contact’s board, and is an Associate for London-based interactive theatre-makers, Coney. This is her first solo work.
Afreena Islam

Ana Mendes | Backspace
An audio play about anorexia in which audiences interact with a distorted mirror. Funny, witty, but also truthful, try it if you dare to be on the other side of the mirror.

Backspace is an audio experience for one person at a time.

Portuguese-born Ana Mendes is a writer and artist working and living in London and Berlin. She has studied animation film, photography and an MA in Writing for Performance. She started to work as a writer, but turned gradually into visual arts. Her performance career started accidentally when she wrote Self-portrait, a play on her identity, in 2010. Since then, she has been developing projects that play on the intersection of photography and performance. | @anamendesana
Ana Mendes

Venue + Booking Details

Date: Saturday 26 September 2015, 12noon-5pm
Venue: Matthias Court, off Cannon Street, Salford, M3 6JD — a 7 minute walk from Chapel Street / Salford Cathedral, a 13 minute walk to Salford Central Railway Station, and a 20 minute walk to Opera House on Quay Street.
Tickets: FREE no booking required, come + go as you please.
N.B. Some limited capacity shows have sign-up sheets on the day, others operate on a first come, first served basis.
Enquires: | 07581 299 439

Access Information

As a sited event, Domestic II presents a number of access challenges. Audience members should be aware that Matthias Court is an active construction site and as such, is rough and ready. Please wear sensible shoes, warm layered clothing (that you are happy to get dirty) and be aware of possible rough floor and wall surfaces!

Mobility restrictions: We ask that any wheelchair user thinking of coming to Domestic II call us on 07581 299 439: door widths vary from 65-78cm and several of the flats have a half-step lip.

Age advisory: Domestic II is primarily aimed at adults and deals with autobiographical and social issues with some sensitive content. Works suitable for younger people during Saturday Daytime will be clearly signposted on the day. For specific age and access information please email or call 07581 299 439.


Domestic II is produced by hÅb with support from The Guinness Partnership + Guinness Property, and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Domestic II is running alongside Flow Salford

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Domestic II

Thurday 24 — Saturday 26 September 2015
at Matthias Court, M3 6JD [on Google Maps]
Thu 24 Sep, 7.30pm. £5, booking essential
Fri 25 Sep, 7pm + 10pm. £3 (both sold-out)
Fri 25 Sep, 7.30pm. £5 (sold-out)
Sat 26 Sep, 12noon-5pm. FREE, no need to book
Sat 26 Sep, 7.30pm. £5, low availability