Turn 2014

Second Night: Saturday 5 April

Part of Turn 2014, presented by Word of Warning + Contact

####Venue + Booking Details, for Turn
Dates: Friday 4 + Saturday 5 April 2014, 7.30pm
Venue: Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA
Tickets: £9/5 (two night pass £11/6) ¦ Special offer: buy ten tickets, get one free
Box Office Tel: 0161 274 0600

####Order of Appearance (subject to change)
Ashleigh Berry ¦ The Space Between
A first-stage short film exploration created and directed by Ashleigh Berry, toying with the intersecting ideas of personal and public space. Examining space as a commodity in an ever-changing, ever-moving environment, the film questions when to ‘hold space’ as an individual, making a mark, and when to succumb to the bustle and become part of the background noise.

Concept + creation: Ashleigh Berry ¦ Collaborators: Nicole Ward, Emma Fishwick ¦ Project Mentor: Laura Boynes ¦ Supported by Healthway, promoting the Drug Aware message, and Propel Youth Arts Western Australia.

Gracefool Collective ¦ WE (spelt you & i)
In this surreal party we see the ways in which alliances are made and relationships form and break over a night; we watch social patterns twist and change as the party plays out, witnessing the transformation and deviation of each character in turn. The result is an unrequited love letter gone wrong, a gender swapping tango, a synthesised party track and a battle of the sexes all rolled into one rather strange event. WE… is about relationships, friendships and hardships; about communication and miscommunication, hellos and goodbyes, towing the line, drawing the line and stepping over the line.

Choreographer: Kate Cox ¦ Performers: Sarah Maria Cook, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar, Rebecca Holmberg, Kyle Lawson, Davide Trioani + Jack Wignall


Hannah Buckley ¦ Woman With Eggs
A solo about women’s ability to be many things.

Choreographer + performer: Hannah Buckley ¦ Music: Alex Drewchin (Babooshka), Grimes (Oblivion) ¦ Costume + styling: Lauren Reyhani
Text: Kakuarshuk (Inuit folk story taken from Angela Carter’s Book of Fairtytales); extracts from interviews with Bo Tillmanns + Elsie Brown; The Terrorism of Children (extracts from a Sheila Heti interview with Sophie Calle)

Hannah Buckley

Ane Iselin Brogeland ¦ Microphono
Exploring thoughts of identity and language after being a foreigner in the UK for 2 years, Ane Iselin is curious about the ways in which spoken language and thought reach into each other, and might be inseparable from movement.

Ane Iselin Brogeland

Debbie Freedman ¦ Yugen
What happens when you find the missing piece to solve an ongoing curiosity? Do you take it? Reject it because it is too much to handle? Or do something extraordinary…

An emotive performance where Debbie takes you on a magical journey.

Debbie is a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher working in the North West. Her choreography for performances and festivals are based on a variety of different styles ranging from Indian and African to Contemporary and hip-hop.


Jane Munro + the visitors ¦ Invitation
Examining how a performer deals with the negotiation of participation, we look at how the performer approaches an audience member. We look at the tricks he has to perform to get someone else to join; she seeks wallflowers and exhibitionists. Invitation leads audience members from the fearful, to the thrill of dancing an impromptu duet. Or maybe there are no dances and merely a series of refusals.

Performers: Rebecca Bogue + Jaime Lee-Rodney ¦ Choreography: Jane Munro, Rebecca Bogue + Robert Cook ¦ Music: Andrew Lawrence + Nico Muhly


Anoikis ¦ Black Plastic Bag
The dramaturgic texture of this piece has its roots in 20th century protest art, as it involves a complete and devastating negation of economically regulated spectacle (the denouncement of ‘beauty’ as a class-ified commodity or in any way objectively definable in favour of a more ‘everyday’ subjectivity) — yet at the same time it is a joyous affirmation of spectacle, albeit one dependent on mass participation and not exclusion, the utopian ideal of communion.

Dancer + choreographer: Melissa Pasut
Direction + sound: Andrew Leslie Hooker

Peter Grist + Company ¦ Tiny Little Flashlights
A new work choreographed by Peter Grist about the consequences of small actions, and the fragility of relationships through tough times. The piece layers moments in time to convey journeys through relationships, love, the environment, and parenthood.


Tom Bowes Dance ¦ Imbue
Combining projection and choreographed live movement, Imbue follows a female dancer as she enters a metaphorical room; we watch as she explores the room’s contents, and familiarises herself with past happenings.

Choreography: Tom Bowes ¦ Projection: Ethan Duffy ¦ Performance: Jenny Reeves

Website ¦ @tombowesdance ¦ Facebook Page
Tom Bowes Dance

Joshua Hubbard F*#¿!D ¦ Glass on the Floor
Choreographer: Joshua Hubbard ¦ Performers: Joshua Hubbard, Mary Mannion, Helen McCarron + James Southward ¦ Music: Burned by The Dandy Warhols

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