Turn 2014

First Night: Friday 4 April

Part of Turn 2014, presented by Word of Warning + Contact

####Venue + Booking Details, for Turn
Dates: Friday 4 + Saturday 5 April 2014, 7.30pm
Venue: Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA
Tickets: £9/5 (two night pass £11/6) ¦ Special offer: buy ten tickets, get one free
Box Office Tel: 0161 274 0600

####Order of Appearance (subject to change)
Ashleigh Berry ¦ The Space Between
A first-stage short film exploration created and directed by Ashleigh Berry, toying with the intersecting ideas of personal and public space. Examining space as a commodity in an ever-changing, ever-moving environment, the film questions when to ‘hold space’ as an individual, making a mark, and when to succumb to the bustle and become part of the background noise.

Concept + creation: Ashleigh Berry ¦ Collaborators: Nicole Ward, Emma Fishwick ¦ Project Mentor: Laura Boynes ¦ Supported by Healthway, promoting the Drug Aware message, and Propel Youth Arts Western Australia.

Christopher Owen ¦ Space is Only Noise
A live sound installation performance, designed to unpick and understand the structures between space and sound within the creative act.

Choreographer + performer: Christopher Owen ¦ Text: Marcel Duchamp on the artist and spectator.

Website ¦ Facebook Page

Yi-Han Wu 吳逸涵 + Oscar South ¦ Motion & Music
A collaboration between Contemporary/Ballet dancer Yi-Han Wu 吳逸涵 and musician Oscar South. The project makes use of cutting edge motion sensing technology in order to seamlessly fuse choreography, composition and improvisation whilst blurring the lines between dance and music.

Yi-Han Wu 吳逸涵 + Oscar South

Anna Macdonald ¦ I will not hope
Last Autumn, a group of people of different ages were invited to stand underneath a tree, and try and catch the leaves as they fell. It is almost impossible to predict when leaves will fall, but equally hard not to believe that, if you just wait long enough, or look attentively enough you wont eventually get one. The event was filmed and the footage used to make ‘I will not hope’, a short screendance that embraces the anxiety and joy of transience. The people in the film are completely engaged with the task and, as they dart and grasp for leaves, their movements appear child-like and excited. We watch people tip their weight forward in readiness, throwing themselves off balance to reach for a leaf, twisting as one goes past them and being curiously still as they wait for leaves to fall.

Screendance 2013, director + editor: Anna Macdonald


Ellen Turner ¦ Trudy
Once someone has gone, is that it? The end?

Involuntary autobiographical memory is a subcomponent of memory that occurs when cues are encountered in everyday life; these could be reflected in certain smells, words, colours or tastes. Award-winning choreographer Ellen Turner collaborates for the first time, with her sisters; reflecting memories of their Grandmother, and Alzheimer’s sufferer, Trudy.

Choreographer: Ellen Turner ¦ Dancers: Grace Turner, Lily Turner ¦ Supported by Live at LICA

Website ¦ @EllenRTurner

Fluxus Collective ¦ Can we Play?
Taking inspiration from the physicality and call-and-response elements of capoeira, Can we Play? sees four movement artists exploring the playful nature of these improvised forms.

Performers: Ane Iselin Brogeland, Sarah Spies, Jane McLean

@RastrosnoAr ¦ Facebook Page

Jo Ashbridge ¦ Going Places
The mind wanders backwards and forwards in time — turning us into time travellers, dividing us into two, constantly searching for somewhere else to be; carving a surreal landscape, being everywhere but here.

Choreographer + performer: Jo Ashbridge ¦ Directorial assistance: Maria Malone ¦ Video: Nikki Rose ¦ Music: Touched by My Bloody Valentine, Let’s Go Swimming by Arthur Russell, Last Target on the Last Day by Melt Banana

Jo Ashbridge

Levantes Dance Theatre ¦ Quero Quero (work-in-progress)
An enigmatic meeting of two strangers who are getting to know each other whilst dancing, playing and crying…

Artistic Direction: Eleni Edipidi (LDT) ¦ Performers: Eleni Edipidi, Joseph Lau ¦ Thank you to: The Generating Company, Greenwich Dance + Toli Senzale (Eduardo de Souza)

Website ¦ @LevantesDance
Levantes Dance Theatre

Turn 2014