Hazard 2014

Ongoing activity 12noon-5pm

Part of Hazard 2014, presented by Word of Warning

####Venue + Booking Details
Date: Saturday 12 July, 12noon-5pm
Venue: within St Ann’s Square (Manchester, M2 7LF) and surrounding streets
Tickets: FREE/unticketed

####Happening all afternoon (12noon-5pm)
Hanna Rohn + Signhild Wærsted ¦ Do Touch The Artwork
100kg of beans are spread-out in St Ann’s Square — an urban bean-field inviting you to touch, listen, move, watch, and create. Do Touch The Artwork is for everyone who dares to cross the line, and enter a playful experience where individuals face the collective & collaboration faces sabotage.

Hanna Rohn + Signhild Wærsted began working together in autumn 2013 — Wærsted trained as a contemporary dancer and has gradually shifted her practice towards live art; Rohn is a dramaturg and performance-maker. Their collaborative practice is in continuous development, circling around gender roles, the body, playfulness, tactile and sensory experiences, audience interaction and installations on the verge of performance.


Harald Smykla ¦ Dental Portraiture (Know By Mouth)
Using his teeth as his sole sculpting tools, Harald Smykla will eat lifelike portraits of members of the public out of apples, claiming that the sculptures will age in lieu of the people they portray.

A German artist based in London, Smykla’s site- and context-responsive practice merges performance with unorthodox approaches to ‘traditional’ art practice, often involving people and places in the public realm. He has performed and exhibited across England and Europe, including at Manchester’s Cornerhouse (2010) and Hazard 2012, and is represented by England & Co, London.

Smykla at England & Co

Hidden Track ¦ Scavengers
The Great Animal Spirits, Lion, Bear, Raven and Wolf, are fighting a fierce and terrible war; this is not their story. Hidden Track invite you to meet other Spirits like Badger, and Fox — they don’t get invited to posh dos like wars, they must scavenge to survive: it’s up to us to fight their battles for them. Fox + Badger weave through the streets giving out secret tasks, persuading audiences to interact, to play, and to turn against each other.
N.B. Look out for Scavengers finale from 4.30 to 4.50pm

Hidden Track is a company committed to creating new theatre outside of traditional performance spaces. They seek to create reactive, immersive worlds together with their audiences, while keeping strong roots in narrative storytelling.

www.hiddentracktheatre.co.uk ¦ Hidden Track facebook ¦ @HiddenTrackTC

ICD ¦ Life Boat
The slowest ride on earth — ALL WELCOME. Rock gently, turn slowly, help push the boat or play the drums; listen to our alphabet of Migration, Sustainability, Trade + Ethics; make conversation with fellow travellers and crew; sit with Death or start at Hope in the mirror… participants and passers-by are all welcome to post their forecast for the future in our log books.

The ICD create work that changes the way we look at the world, inhabit public space and make conversation… They create compelling performance work for site-responsive journeys, events, happenings, traditional theatre spaces and unexpected places.

www.icdancing.com ¦ ICD facebook

Tracy Lumpkin ¦ Perspective
How many perspectives make a life? Tracy Lumpkin’s first solo-presentation since the Iraq war, Perspective is a revealing, retrospective exhibition tracing the dichotomous, tumultuous fluxes inherent in both the individual and collective identities that we shape and re-shape throughout our lives. Seven pieces from her eclectic repertoire have been carefully selected as the defining piece of each chapter in Tracy’s life, ranging from work made in 1999 to the present day. An optional head-seat journey with the voice of the Tracy Lumpkin will take you on a short, static journey into the life behind art.

Tracy Lumpkin is a Manchester-based mixed-media visual artist whose extensive body of work acutely enunciates, appropriates and attempts to ascend the transient themes of womanhood in this hyper-modernistic age. Initially rejecting the conceptual vocabulary prevalent during her time at Art School, at the dawn of the Millennium she later came to embrace the very idiosyncrasies she sought to distance herself from at the start of her career — leading to a vibrant and visceral oeuvre that defies strict classification and is inspired heavily by material recontextualisation, spatial/temporal delocalisation and as always… subversion.

Leo Burtin ¦ Homemade: Le Bistroquet
You are invited to Leo’s Bistro for an apéritif! Join us in this pop-up social space where the menu needs you! While you’re sipping on a lemonade and tasting a delightful piece of quiche, why not contribute your own recipe for the establishment’s chef to consider? Le Bistroquet is a pop-up intervention devised and hosted by Leo Burtin with assistance from Robin Goodings, produced by Talk with LEAP as part of the Homemade series.
N.B. Food and drink served may contain allergens.

Leo Burtin is an artist and creative producer whose work sits at the crossroads where genres and disciplines meet, blend and blur. Leo’s practice is primarily collaborative, and has recently involved engaging in conversation with strangers a lot. Both as an artist and producer he has worked with Rajni Shah, Blast Theory, imitating the dog and shown work internationally. He wouldn’t normally let you know that he is French and used to work for Jamie Oliver.

www.talkwithleap.com ¦ @olamerino

Martin Hamblen ¦ Level head
Mind your head.

Inspired by Duchamp and Beuys, Martin Hamblen makes work that is democratic and egalitarian in delivery and execution, reacting to and embracing the common criticism of contemporary art ‘I could do that’. His practice is about process and the everyday, and is split between performing phrases and collecting ready-made objects.


Natasha Vicars ¦ News Feed (Display of Caution)
A miniature intervention around central Manchester from artist Natasha Vicars, encouraging consumers to exercise caution in their weekly grocery shop. Catch up with her on twitter via @ncvicars #hazardmcr

Natasha Vicars makes site-specific visual art, writing and collaborative performance; she aims to engage creatively in real-world settings, creating temporary communities and shifting people’s experience of a particular place. Participation and interaction — including through social media — are central to her practice, as are urban environments.

www.natashavicars.com ¦ @ncvicars

No More Page 3 ¦ Hidden Women Trail
No More Page 3 campaigners invite participants to take part in their Hidden Woman Trail. Using blank newspaper and a set of clues, this will lead you from St Ann’s Square to The Penthouse NQ via a series of “hazardous” window displays, where you will collect hidden women to take to the final location.

There, participants can collaborate and create a mass visual and sound installation of ideas, thoughts and hidden women. Discover more about the hidden women themselves and have a drink or two while discussing the findings of the day.

http://nomorepage3.org ¦ No More Page 3 facebook ¦ @NoMorePage3 + @ThePenthouseNQ

Oliver Palmer ¦ Cardboard (re)Generation
Oliver Palmer will be making temporary interventions in to the visual fabric of the city; interventions which, ultimately, could be seen as nothing more than an irritant to those whose job it is to tidy them away.

Oliver Palmer lives and works in London where he finished his MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2013.


Rachel Ramchurn ¦ Do you play Crochet?
“Do you play Crochet?” You may not know the answer until your bus is late and those fuzzy dangly balls hanging from the bus stop that are gently blowing in the wind get the better of your curiosity and you reach out to touch them and then YES, you do play crochet! These playful, bright and fun, tactile objects seemingly appeared from nowhere and beg to be played with, touched and poked. These structures may be so fluffy, squashy and bright that you want to eat them. You can’t eat them.


Top Joe ¦ Documentation
Is it the photo or the act of taking a photo? What do you remember? Documentarian Top Joe has left the house and is looking to make intimate connections through the use of a vintage camera, a cassette player and a selection of 1980s tearjerker ballads. Are you ready for your close up?

A North West-based practising video and performance artist whose work has been shown at Manchester Cornerhouse, FACT Liverpool and 4749 Tanner Street, London.


Hazard 2014