Hazard 2014

Happening 3-4pm

Part of Hazard 2014, presented by Word of Warning

####Venue + Booking Details
Date: Saturday 12 July, 3-4pm
Venue: within St Ann’s Square (Manchester, M2 7LF) and surrounding streets
Tickets: FREE/unticketed

The Association Of Low Visibility Workers ¦ By Association
A discreet game to be played between you and The Association, via your smartphone. Take care that only your most trusted friends know that you are playing. You’ll need a charged smart phone with credit/facility to send a number of text messages. Everything else will reveal itself to you.

To sign up in advance, text ASSOCIATE to 01618504353

www.lowvisibilityworkers.org.uk ¦ @ByAssociated

Stephen Sheehan ¦ Challenging a brick
Artist screams at brick.

A conceptual artist, Sheehan predominately uses performance to explore and question life, also working in installation, photography and video.

www.stephen-sheehan.com ¦ Stephen Sheehan Art facebook ¦ @sjsheehanart

####3.30pm departure
Stephen Donnelly ¦ DriftMob
A culture-jamming game of follow-the-leader: players take it in turns to lead a city-wide improvisation through the streets of Manchester, dishing out impromptu happenings and interventions as they go. The DriftMob begins in St Ann’s Square; from there the details get hazy… all we know is it conspires to mark out it’s territory before evaporating back into the swarm of the street, leaving its traces in memories, rumours and urban myths.

A Swansea-based performer, creating site-specific and site-responsive work which encourages audiences to explore and experience their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. His most recent large scale project was Block Party, a pervasive theatrical experience which took place throughout locations across Cardiff Bay, commissioned as part of PlayARC Games Festival at the WMC. Since 2013 he has been under commission by Creative Bubble to create performances and events in Swansea City Centre.

N.B. Limited spaces: sign-up in advance via stepdonn@gmail.com OR at the Information Point from 12noon on the day.


Kris Canavan ¦ The Leveller
As a political movement, the term “Leveller” first referred to a faction of New Model Army Agitators and their London supporters in 1649 who were allegedly plotting to assassinate the king; it had been used in 17th-century England as a term of abuse for rural rebels and in the Midland Revolt of 1607 to refer to those who “levelled” hedges in enclosure riots. Organised at a national level, with offices in a number of London inns and taverns such as The Rosemary Branch in Islington, “Levellers” would identify one another by sprigs of rosemary that they would wear in their hats…

Using his body as a framework for iconoclasm and getting under his own skin, Kris Canavan makes the symbologies of fractured society a deeply personal affair.
amino, 2014

Since graduating in 2004, Kris Canavan has been developing works on his own and in collaboration with others including Manuel Vason, Nicola Canavan, Nick Kilby, Llewyen Máire and TRANS/HUMAN amongst others; he is an amino Associate Artist.

www.kriscanavan.com ¦ @kriscanavan

####Ongoing activity, happens all afternoon (12noon-5pm):
Hanna Rohn + Signhild Wærsted ¦ Harald Smykla ¦ Hidden Track ¦ ICD ¦ Leo Burtin ¦ Martin Hamblen ¦ Natasha Vicars ¦ No More Page 3 ¦ Oliver Palmer ¦ Rachel Ramchurn ¦ Top Joe ¦ Tracy Lumpkin

Hazard 2014