Turn 2013

Second Night: Sat 20 Apr

Part of Turn 2013 — booking details + information

Rebekka Platt| The Body (extract/work-in-progress)
A body has been found … murdered.

The Mustdashios | Snap!Bar
Look out for these two around Contact spaces 1+2 and throughout your night as they surprise you with exciting moments of surreal performance in enjoyable pants. Snap!Bar is a series of short sketches full of E numbers, preservatives and artificial colouring, designed to entertain and delight.

Percussive Customer Projects | Northern Souls
Keep the faith…

Joseph Lau, Shona Roberts & Joseph While | Drawn Together, Drawn Apart
A relationship captured through dance, drawings & impressions.

Tom Bowes Dance | Brute
Following four peculiar characters who delve into the uncertainty of the unknown. They displace the ordinary and hoard past happenings. Ensnared by animal qualities and human desires, Brute makes inquiries into decision and discovery.
A documentary about Tom Bowes Dance performing Brute on Saturday night is here.
Tom Bowes Dance

Maelstrom Productions | Preppers
A dark and hilariously disturbing world where four characters dive into action physically and metaphorically. They spin out of control and find each other, playing on their skills and ‘preparation’ to survive. Using confessional theatre, contemporary and urban dance styles the Maelstrom Performers weave humility and humanity through chaos, madness and humour.

Maelstrom Productions

Emma Lansley | Let’s Talk to Mia & Butch
Lemon squeezing, patience pushing, game playing, hand holding, inflatable loving, failure facing, wine drinking reality.
Emma Lansley

Joshua Hubbard F*#”!D | Cul-de-sac
An end to an end.
Joshua Hubbard

SoundMoves Mixed Movement Jam
SoundMoves Mixed Movement Jam is an eclectic mix of dancers/movers and musicians joining together to improvise, celebrate and share their skills. The fusion of genres makes for a truly unique audience experience that will challenge your perceptions of dance/music improvisation!

A gallery of images from both nights is here.

Turn 2013