'Poolside Emergency 2013

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Kitty Graham | The Bare Earth
You stand before a bed of earth. Perhaps it is empty, still, peaceful — perhaps it is not.
Using a bed of earth — the place of death and decay, as well as creation and growth, and continual transformer of one into the other — The Bare Earth explores what might emerge when unconscious contents are freed in liminal ritual, and how these contents may be transformed by contact with consciousness.
Kitty Graham

I have a secret. Do you?
We all have secrets… Some we will share and others we won’t. What is your secret worth?
Come and find out… I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

Rachel Gomme | Handover
If I give you my hand, will you give me yours?
An invitation to a brief exchange of touch that leaves a lasting trace.
Rachel Gomme

Rebekka Platt | The Body (extract/work-in-progress)
An intimate live & digital performance inspired by film noir, mystery & silent discos. Observe and engage with a body left on the fringe of the world.

Haworth & Hayhoe | Citizens Exchange Bureau
Citizens Exchange Bureau provides a free knowledge exchange service. We offer face-to-face appointments with our friendly bureau staff, where you will have the opportunity to share and receive a unique, possibly useful piece of information. As the UK’s only knowledge exchange provider we are equipped to deal with any wisdom, of any substance, whether it be the theory of relativity, how to wire a plug, or where to find the best coffee in Liverpool. Citizens Exchange Bureau values diversity and promotes diffusion.
Citizens Exchange Bureau

Xristina Penna and the aswespeakproject | Uncovered: can clothes tell stories?
Uncovered uses multi-media, direct audience participation, sound and a sewing machine to uncover stories related to our clothes and build up a patchwork of memories, words and responses.
Xristina Penna + the aswespeakprojct

'Poolside Emergency 2013