'Poolside Emergency 2013

Durational Work: 12noon-2pm

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Lindsay Bennett | Inverted Gray
Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, this installation presents a transposed interpretation of the performer, creating and maintaining a youthful deity of herself while the audience can witness the deterioration of the live performer. Incorporating ritual, repetition and voice to address the social gender politics in the rituals of women to preserve and project a personal ideal, you are free to watch and return as many times as you wish.
I cannot speak French, I cannot drink red wine, and I cannot paint without paint, this is an attempt to convince you I can.
Lindsay Bennett

Sarah Spanton / Waymarking | City Scribe
The City Scribe observes and documents Liverpool’s architecture, atmosphere and its flows of people through movement. The City Scribe measures, marks and reflects on the city, inviting local people to reflect on it too.
City Scribe

Paper People Theatre | Here We Remain
There are three sorts of silence, three bodies waiting. Hers is a silent, active wait; she struggles to stay in motion, to continue waiting. His is a contemplative wait; it frames hers but remains his. They are both destined to reach the third. Frozen. Her world is built of buttons and wool, meticulously sorted and separated by colour and size, filling her cushions, her shoes and her books. Reaching each corner, each nook, each crevice and pulling it in towards her.

Rosanne Robertson | Semi-automatic
The connection between a subtle movement and an imposing sound. By connecting body, object, action and sound via the amplified vibration of a surface this piece presents an uncomplicated arrangement exploring control. A continuous moment of control charged with the impeding terror of possible loss of control.
Rosanne Robertson

Frances-Kay | Scaffold
Exploring the effects of duration on the mind, body and performance.

Martin Hamblen | Cutting Corners
I use installation, intervention, time-based media and performance. Inspired by Duchamp and Beuys my practise is democratic and egalitarian in delivery and execution, reacting to and embracing the laypersons common criticism of contemporary art: “I could do that”.

David Bethell | Constant Gardener
Bored of performing mundane office tasks, a man constructs farming equipment from his office stationery to transform his desk into a landscape.
The work draws parallels between the ‘secret garden’, and the city and shops that surround it.
David Bethell

Michelle Man & Lauren McGowan | i n l i g h t l e s s
A durational, site-sensitive installation-dance piece created through a memory response to a passageway at the Bluecoat, stemming from a series of visits involving observing, sensing, documenting and touching the space. The passageway is both an outside and inside space, between the private and the public, carving into the body of the building. The choreographic language has emerged from the visceral ability of light to identify directly with human sensation and emotion. i n l i g h t l e s s will exhibit a discreet trail of images, traces from our process; visions between the imagined and the real.

**A Bottle Top Productions SNAP!**

CANCELLED: Jack Coverdale | Twice Nightly
A piece about the past, about a changing country and a change in culture. A piece about forgotten stars and fading sensibilities in the spit and sawdust theatres which used to dot this country.

'Poolside Emergency 2013