Small Acts

Shower Scenes

Presented by Word of Warning, Guiness Northern Counties + Z-arts
during Domestic

####In Brief Shower Scenes invites you to take a private shower and step into the role of the solitary, wet and naked bather.

Watch trailer here.

Please note: this is a solo, private, encounter in a shower, lasting approximately 15 minutes. Suitable for ages 18+.

####Venue + Booking Details
Day One: Friday 8 November 2013, 5pm 5.20pm 5.40pm 6pm 6.20pm 6.40pm 7pm 7.20pm 7.40pm
Day Two: Saturday 9 November 2013, 5pm 5.20pm 5.40pm 6pm 6.20pm 6.40pm 7pm 7.20pm 7.40pm
(Day Three: Thursday 14 November 2013, 5.20pm 5.40pm: both sold-out; no further appointments available)
(Day Four: Friday 15 November 2013: no appointments available)
Day Five: Saturday 16 November 2013, 2pm 2.20pm 2.40pm 3pm 3.20pm 3.40pm | 5pm 5.20pm 5.40pm 6pm 6.20pm 6.40pm
Day Six: Sunday 17 November 2013, 2pm 2.20pm 2.40pm 3pm 3.20pm 3.40pm | 5pm 5.20pm 5.40pm 6pm 6.20pm 6.40pm
Venue: Cooper House, off Boundary Lane, Manchester, M15 6DX — a 5 minute walk from Oxford Road (Aquatic Centre/RNCM), with a bus stop right outside for no’s 53, 85, 86, 99, 101, 104, 105, 108, 109, 112, 250, 253, 263 & 291.
Appointments can be booked online; NO fee applies.
Appointments can be reserved over the phone: 07581 299 439 (leave a message + we’ll get back to you).
After your encounter, donations are invited.

####Access Information
As a sited event, Domestic presents a number of access challenges. The flat Shower Scenes takes place in is up one flight of stairs and involves taking a shower, standing in a bath tub, in an unadapted bathroom. Participants are given spoken word instructions.
Age advisory: 18+
For specific age and access information please email or call 07581 299 439.

You are invited to take off your clothes, and step into a working shower — where you can experience the very real physical sensation of warm water running over your body; where you can wash yourself and watch video imagery projected onto the shower curtain. As you clean yourself, feel the steam rise and wonder who is the viewer, who is the victim, who is innocent?

“For a long time the piece just didn’t work. I thought I was making a piece about voyeurism; but I think that at its heart, the piece is about vulnerability and trust. I didn’t realize this until the very end of the making process. It still amazes me how sometimes a piece seems to know what it is and you, the maker, can be the last one to find out!”
Shower Scenes

####Who is she?
Julia Wilson makes performance work for theatre spaces and more recently participatory works. Much of her work explores our relationship wit the tele-visual, playing with notions of intimacy and presence. She likes to combine popular culture practices with live art aesthetics; with a tendency to be simultaneously humorous and serious, accessible and problematic.

####What people have said about her

Plays off convention and assumption really well. Fantastic.
How vulnerable we are without our cloths on – very clever!
Beautiful experience in a mundane space. Transforms everything into something both beautiful and occasionally challenging.
I loved being trapped in my very own Psycho.
Audience comments

Shower Scenes

A hÅb + Contact Re:Con co-commission for Works Ahead 2012.
Domestic is produced by hÅb; supported by Guinness Northern Counties, Z-arts + City Response Ltd.

####Websites | @wilsonjuliam