Gareth Cutter

Even The Lone Ranger Had Tonto

####In Brief

The self-imposed isolation of a solo performer meets a love of cabaret in a show about obsession, loneliness, envy and the many ups and downs of ‘going it alone’.

Gareth Cutter

####Who is he?

Involved in Manchester’s performance scene for over 3 years, running The Cabaret Of Ida Bucket, showcasing local acts at Mother’s Ruin and creating work with the likes of hÅb, Manchester Library Theatre and Larkin’ About. He combines clowning and physical comedy, music, writing and visual arts to explore serious topics playfully, creating homemade costumes and props that straddle the line between the ingenious and crude, work in parody and satire, exaggerate the best and worst aspects of my personality to absurd lengths and keep a straight face when doing stupid things.

####What people have said about him

Gareth Cutter is no good, chop him up for firewood - a lullaby his dad used to sing to him as a child.


Fleetwood Mac once sang, ‘You can go your own way’, but when the Lone Ranger parts from Tonto, he begins to realise that it isn’t always such a good idea.

The myths of the romantic artist and the trailblazing hero are picked apart by one solo performer who wonders whether such loneliness on stage and in life will get him to success quicker. He’ll dance, he’ll sing, he’ll perform – but what’s the point if there’s no-one there to support him?


####Works Ahead: Performances

Three artists, three performances, three takes on singledom, absence and the onset of the thirties. An emerging programme full of surprises and an insight into performance that defies definition. 

October 2011 saw an extraordinary coming together of over 30 artists in a day-‘maze of performance’: emergency accommodation. Two whole buildings resonated with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown performances. Recapturing that spirit of adventure, Works Ahead invites a group of the most intriguing emergency accommodation artists to develop and present their work in a takeover of Contact Space 1.


Thanks to Blank Media Collective.

A hÅb/Contact Re:Con co-production for Word of Warning.