Small Acts

Shower Scenes

####In Brief

A private, naked shower and experience

Small Acts

####Who Is Small Acts?

Performer, maker, lateral thinker, optimist, mother.

Julia has worked with Reckless Sleepers, Chameleons Theatre, Index Theatre and Dogs of Heaven, as well as making multi-media solo work. She has toured nationally and internationally, worked in Higher Education teaching live art, devised performance and directing as well delivering performance related papers at International symposia.


In Hollywood films, shower scenes are used to provide some completely unnecessary (usually female) nudity and/or heighten a sex or horror scene. Reversing the roles of cinematic spectatorship, participants are invited to relinquish their usual voyeuristic position, and take on the role of the one that is viewed; the naked and vulnerable.

You will be wet, naked (and alone) in this piece.


####Works Ahead:Interactions

A journey around the hidden spaces of a theatre - one monumental installation, three intimate encounters…

October 2011 saw an extraordinary coming together of over 30 artists in a day-long maze of performance: emergency accommodation.  Two whole buildings resonated with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown performances. Recapturing that spirit of adventure, Works Ahead invites a group of the most intriguing emergency accommodation artists to develop and present their work in a takeover of Contact Space 1.


Thanks to Blank Media Collective.

A hÅb/Contact Re:Con co-production for Word of Warning.

Performance Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Fri 17 Feb, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
What I Heard About The World
Wed 7 Mar, 9pm + Thu 8 Mar, 7.30pm. Contact
Ball & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Thu 8 Mar, 9pm. Contact
The Making of Bull: The True Story
Fri 16 Mar, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Fri 20 Apr, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 3 — Sat 5 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Turn 2012
Fri 18 May, 7.30pm. Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 31 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Performances
Fri 1 Jun, 4-9pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Interactions
Fri 8 + Sat 9 Jun. Z-arts
Sampler Series meets Flare Weekender
Sat 21 Jul, 12noon-5pm. St Ann's Square
Hazard 2012