Julieann O'Malley


An immersive experience investigating the future possibilities of the human race.


####Who is she? 

Julieann O’Malley actually lives under two different identities and always lies about her age… she suffers with Automatonophobia.

####What people have said about her 

Julieann O’Malley makes live performance installations & video work that’s raw, visceral emotionally charged, resonant, questioning, poignant, mesmerizing & evocative. - Robyn Woolston – Artist.

####Works Ahead:Interactions

A journey around the hidden spaces of a theatre - one monumental installation, three intimate encounters…

October 2011 saw an extraordinary coming together of over 30 artists in a day-long maze of performance: emergency accommodation.  Two whole buildings resonated with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown performances. Recapturing that spirit of adventure, Works Ahead invites a group of the most intriguing emergency accommodation artists to develop and present their work in a takeover of Contact Space 1.


Thanks to Blank Media Collective.

A hÅb/Contact Re:Con co-production for Word of Warning.

Performance Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Fri 17 Feb, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
What I Heard About The World
Wed 7 Mar, 9pm + Thu 8 Mar, 7.30pm. Contact
Ball & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Thu 8 Mar, 9pm. Contact
The Making of Bull: The True Story
Fri 16 Mar, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Fri 20 Apr, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 3 — Sat 5 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Turn 2012
Fri 18 May, 7.30pm. Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 31 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Performances
Fri 1 Jun, 4-9pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Interactions
Fri 8 + Sat 9 Jun. Z-arts
Sampler Series meets Flare Weekender
Sat 21 Jul, 12noon-5pm. St Ann's Square
Hazard 2012