The Making Of Bull: The True Story

Stacy Makishi

####In Brief

Stacy Makishis

A riff on the Coen Brothers’ film Fargo, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s fake. A disorientating and uplifting tale revolving around a kidnap, an unrequited love, a lost ransom and a woman frozen in the snow.

A one-woman evening-length performance; a powerful fusion of theatre, music, film and text.

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Stacy Makishi will lead Bull: Your Own True Lies Workshop on Wed 7 March, 3pm to 6pm. FREE with a show ticket, booking via 0161 274 0600.

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####Who is she? Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi works in a variety of media including site-specific installations, video, new writing, physical theatre and live art. She is artistic director of runt, a multi-media company that celebrates creativity and collaboration and hosts international workshops. The company is committed to producing intelligent, challenging works that appeal to the widest community possible.

Stacy is  an Artsadmin Associate Artist.

####What people have said about her

The sheer waves of emotion that come over you with every performance. She has a knack for leaving no clues as to where the performance is going until you’re emotionally ensnared in it. Genius. - Self Titled Daily Magazine

Stacy Makishi is a master of mischief. She can draw out the creative juice from any situation in the most inspiring ways. She rocks. - Shlomo

####More Inspired by the film FARGO, which proclaims in its prologue “this is a true story”. Hawaii-born Makishi finally “comes out” and tells the whole truth behind an elliptical tale.

Weaving between the real and the fake, the unbelievable real and the believable fake, and sampling excerpts from FARGO along the way, Makishi takes us on an uncanny, hilarious and enjoyably disorientating journey. There’s an element of audience participation involving an incident with a doughnut and a ‘post-show’ Q&A built directly into the structure of the show itself.

What’s it got to do with FARGO?

FARGO revolves around a lie around a kidnap, which instigates an extraordinary series of events, including the burial of a suitcase filled with a million-dollar ransom along the border of Fargo, North Dakota.

In a strange interplay between fact and fiction , the following story appeared in the London Guardian on 6 June, 2003:

“… a twenty-eight year old woman left Tokyo to travel to Fargo. The police spotted her wandering around the outskirts of the state and when they questioned her, she showed them ‘a crude map’ that was supposed to show where the ransom money was hidden in the movie, Fargo. The police said “we tried to explain to her that it was a fictional movie. It wasn’t really true. There really wasn’t any ransom, no million dollars hidden in the snow” The woman could not be deterred from her strange quest. Her frozen body was found in the woodland on a road between Fargo and Brainerd, a crumpled map still clenched in her hand.”

Inspired by the strange twists surrounding the mythology of FARGO, The Making of Bull: The True Story unravels mysteries… including mysteries of why we make art and how art makes us. It questions what’s real and what’s fake, and our attachment to the notion of truth.   

Running Time: 50 minutes


Wed 7 March, 3pm to 6pm. FREE with a show ticket

Makishi is a renowned workshop leader and mentor, often opening her making processes to the public through creative workshops alongside performances.

Bull: Your Own True Lies is a workshop that looks at how truths and lies can feed into performances. This intensive workshop will explore how to make original work that is derived from your own lives, newspaper stories, family secrets, lies and pop culture.

This workshop galvanises people to
move faster than think
write quicker than edit
create faster than critique

Bull: Your Own True Lies includes strategies for creating text and devising visual images for your own workshop.

Some people call this ‘flow’, ‘the zone’ or ‘the source’. This workshop will help participants ride the wave of the creative process and open up new strategies for making performance. Bull: Your Own True Lies is offered to anyone interested in creating storytelling performance. All that is required is a willingness to try out new ideas and an adventurous spirit to walk out into the unknown.

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