Lowri Evans

Live Letter

####In Brief

How does love exist when you’re not there? Live Letter is about absence, love, and your best handwriting.

Lowri Evans

####Who is she?

Ten years ago Lowri didn’t get into drama school so she studied art. She moved to Manchester, learnt to think sideways, formed a punk band and found her own way to make theatre.

####What people have said about her

Compelling - David Hoyle

Lowri is one of the most interesting emerging artists and performance makers in the North West - Richard Gregory, Quarantine, 2011


Lowri has a long history of putting her heart on the line. In the increasing blurring of her life and her work she has lamented about moments of goodbyes over train station tannoy systems, traced eighty year old school photographs and taken you for cups of tea on wasteland. She slid on the floor alongside you during rush hour in a slug suit; she told you everything in a book about the end of a relationship.

This performance is no exception. By working as close as she can between her own life and her art she knows they reveal something about the other, and hopes to delve into the grey ocean of what it is to be human, in all its cruelty and splendour.



####Works Ahead: Performances

Three artists, three performances, three takes on singledom, absence and the onset of the thirties. An emerging programme full of surprises and an insight into performance that defies definition. 

October 2011 saw an extraordinary coming together of over 30 artists in a day-‘maze of performance’: emergency accommodation. Two whole buildings resonated with small exchanges, moving installations and intriguing conversations, punctuated by naked encounters and full-blown performances. Recapturing that spirit of adventure, Works Ahead invites a group of the most intriguing emergency accommodation artists to develop and present their work in a takeover of Contact Space 1.


Thanks to Blank Media Collective.

A hÅb/Contact Re:Con co-production for Word of Warning.

Performance Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Fri 17 Feb, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
What I Heard About The World
Wed 7 Mar, 9pm + Thu 8 Mar, 7.30pm. Contact
Ball & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Thu 8 Mar, 9pm. Contact
The Making of Bull: The True Story
Fri 16 Mar, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Fri 20 Apr, 7.30pm. Zion Arts Centre/Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 3 — Sat 5 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Turn 2012
Fri 18 May, 7.30pm. Z-arts
Sampler Series
Thu 31 May, 7.30pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Performances
Fri 1 Jun, 4-9pm. Contact
Works Ahead 2012: Interactions
Fri 8 + Sat 9 Jun. Z-arts
Sampler Series meets Flare Weekender
Sat 21 Jul, 12noon-5pm. St Ann's Square
Hazard 2012