Lembrança UK

Guantanamo Presence

Wearing the iconic orange coveralls synonymous with Guantanamo Bay, a group of performers appear in the public realm, their very presence raising questions about global practices of incarceration, human rights, war crimes, citizenship, and national identity.

Concept and Design by Rea Dennis and Magda Miranda, Lembrança UK. Through the use of image, movement and colour, Lembrança UK explore real material as art in improvised encounters and installations. Drawing on relics, artefacts and (lived) remembered moments their performances resonate with the kinesthetic and sensory perceptions of audience members and open spaces for them to imagine their own part in the narrative.

Dennis (an Australian) and Miranda (a Brazilian) joined forces in 2007 creating the epic performance piece Train Tracks and Rooftops that played in USA, UK and Australia (2008-2010). Their work claims to perform memory and seeks to provoke audience members to question who they are.

Also featuring Becci Lewis and Ana Diaz Barriga Lopez.