Sam Treadaway

Bound and Re-bound - a 'post' performance

The artist will roll a ball-like form, made from found postal elastic bands and keys, collected over a number of years from urban wanderings, between Castlefield Gallery and BLANKSPACE. Made with an interest in the meditative potential of collection and repetition, for the duration of this performance the object will be returned to the environment of its origin, the street. The journey between the two galleries will be made periodically throughout the day, following a circular route, with any postal elastic bands or keys found en-route, added at either gallery.

Sam Treadaway is a multimedia artist whose practice includes sculpture, book-arts and installation, some of which includes the application of scent. Often with reference to the urban built environment and making use of existing frictions between aesthetic form and utilitarian function, the artist edits and re-aligns found objects, structures and systems, though which new meaning is made possible. The interplay between the arts, as with other fields of research, often informs this process.

For a number of years Sam worked from the Spacex Gallery studios. He is currently based at BV studios, Bristol, UK. A strong believer in the act of collaboration, in recent years the artists has worked with, among others, the playwright Polly Stenham, the actress Sophia Myles and the curator Ricarda Vidal