Lena Simic


A homage to Kurt Cobain, lost youth, impossible and failed encounters from a life lived retrospectively.

This solo performance is a story about 1994.
A series of memory excerpts which intertwine the past with the present.
An exploration of lost youth and ageing.
A mix of historical, political and popular references (mention of the Balkan War and its atrocities, grunge and the suicide of Kurt Cobain) with personal autobiographical narratives (number of the boys I kissed, failed move to Seattle).
A performative confession of a 37 year old woman who is remembering a 27 year old Kurt Cobain.
This piece is about the troubling thrill of living life retrospectively.

Lena Simic, performance practitioner and pedagogue, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, living in Liverpool, UK. Co-organiser of The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, an art activist initiative run from her family home. Lena’s autobiographical performance practice is informed by its relation to everyday lived experience, memory and fantasy.