Miyuki Kasahara

his/her personal sky

Experience illuminated memories through a stranger’s ear and even have your own ear cast. An installation and interactive performance.

Miyuki invites you to have your ear cast; it takes 15-20 minutes. After casting, you can email her a personal memory as an image or text that she will place inside a cast ear sculpture. This will become part of a future his/her personal sky installation.

These ear sphere sculptures are also a floating presence around the space - you are encouraged to search for strangers’ personal memories by looking into each ear hole. Shining a torch from behind creates a light-box effect, the inside illuminated as if another’s secret memory just came to you.

Miyuki Kasahara graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art London. Her projects include Message to me 2012 (2008-12) commissioned by Shoreditch Trust, London and Trigger, a solo exhibition at Art Gallery X, Tokyo (2007).