Wayne Steven Jackson

(7,070,732,128) and two

A live performance trying to be a film, piecing together fragments of narrative, telling the story of two people meant to be more than strangers.

After the opening credits fade you will see the man and the woman walk towards each other, strangers oblivious to their imminent collision. And you will fall in love with these mediated, fictional characters behind the screen and will them to see each other, to see into each other, to have their happy ending.

But this time will be different. This time you won’t play by the rules. This time you will be with them in that moment. And this time… this time, this story will be about you.

Wayne Steven Jackson creates poignant, beautiful and clever work. Fusing video and liveness he confronts the fleeting moments of performance and explores ideas of memory and of being.

Wayne has worked for eight years creating funny, baffling, mystical, absurd and mind bending work with Escape Theatre, creating seven pieces of live performance both with Escape and as a solo artist. Wayne is currently exploring the relationship between live performance and memory, using video within his performances with intelligence and creativity as an aide to exploring his and his audience’s position to his work.