Evans + Gaskell

100 Deeds

A visual gathering of deeds to define feminism in the modern day.

It is deeds that are needed, not words. We’re just not sure what deeds they should be.

100 years ago, a woman did something which was considered by everyone to be truly heroic/irrational/essential/extremist/empowering/detrimental. When Emily Wilding Davison jumped in front of the King’s horse, her action would go on to impact how a nation perceives feminism.

Evans + Gaskell want to know what feminism means now, or perhaps what actions should happen next. Come and tell them what you think and brand your own purple sash - they will try to turn your words into deeds (100 of them).

Sarah Evans makes work which often has love and justice at its heart with a slice of comedy, sometimes light, sometimes dark (often weather dependent). She loves creating personal story-based pieces which linger. She loves working on one-to-one, intimate performances and giving little tokens of love.


Jenny Gaskell is a contemporary theatre maker and producer. She has a habit of making, and supporting, theatre which doesn’t happen in a theatre. Past credits include performance in a shopping centre, in a post office, in a toilet, in a cafe, on a tram, in an office and in a cupboard.