I know this, I do this all the time (I don't like it though)

An interactive performance installation performed by Julieta Kilgelmann.

I do this again and again: I will close my eyes and keep still. You will draw. I will repeat your pattern until it becomes mine. Could you also tell me what to wear?

I know this… uses projection, direct audience participation and the performer’s body to unearth the patterns that shape the space of the self, the messages, codes and images that invade, embed and collude on our encounter with the other. The aswespeakproject creates mixed media performance and installation work using the “stage space” as temporal and spatial representation of the human brain.

I know this… was originally commissioned by Out of the Box Intermedia

Xristina Penna is an independent designer and performance maker. Her practice is cross-disciplinary and consists of creating visual environments by blurring reality with dreamy states that relate to the uncanny.