Welcome to Word of Warning’s Autumn/Winter 2012 performance collection – the season where we rock, or at least we try to… Loud music, thrashing performers, tales of living fast and dying young; smoke, flashing lights and even white powder!

We return to an old haunt – in its new guise as a gig venue – and move forward with our thirteenth Emergency in three new venues. All that plus a couple of Friday nights at Z-arts.

####What is Word of Warning and where did it come from? Simply put, Word of Warning is a one-stop shop for the bonkers, the beautiful and the bizarre of live performance: an attempt to keep alive the best of the 25 year greenroom legacy and to introduce new people to the possibilities of seeing live work in Manchester.

####Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a different night out. We don’t want to put you off by talking labels – yes there’ll be theatre, live art, dance – but the aim is to be anything but elitist, po-faced or off-putting, so if you like comedy, music, gaming or just a stimulating evening – there’ll be something you might want to take a chance on.

####Who is Word of Warning? My name’s Tamsin Drury and I run an organisation called hÅb, which was greenroom’s partner for over a decade. You might not know hÅb but you might know some of our events – like Emergency (Manchester’s free marathon of live work with 40 shows in 3 venues) and Hazard (random sprees of eccentricity in Manchester’s City Centre).

I’ve been around a while, a really long while… and in that time, I’ve been responsible for making the Arndale Tower flash, wrapping Cathedral Gardens in 7km of hazard tape and encouraging a mass audience conga and a glitter-cannon Hallelujah chorus! On the less eccentric side over the years, hÅb has also worked with literally hundreds of North West young artists to help them create new pieces of theatre and dance.

Please send programming enquiries to me at info@habarts.org

I’m joined in this lunacy by John Franklin, greenroom’s long time programme coordinator and by an assortment of the people who populated that leaky railway arch!

Performance Collection Autumn/Winter 2012

Fri 12 Oct, 7.30pm. Gorilla
Sat 13 Oct, 12noon-10pm.
BLANKSPACE, Castlefield Gallery, Z-arts
Emergency 2012
Fri 2 Nov 7.30pm. Z-arts | Double Bill
Fri 30 Nov, 7.30pm. Z-arts
We Hope That You're Happy...